ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro review: Take some of the work out of vacuuming


TA-ratings-90One of the things that makes this job fun is the different gadgets and toys we get to putz with. After awhile you get tired of reviewing laptops and smartphones and something different comes along. Like the ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro robot vacuum cleaner. I’ve never actually used a robot vacuum before so this was something different enough to intrigue me more than usual. I’ve always questioned the usefulness of a robot vacuum and if they’d be any good at performing the task at hand. Read on for the full review of the ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro robot vacuum.


  • Color: Grey and white
  • Suction Option: Main Brush
  • Side Brush: Dual
  • Input Voltage & Frequency: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Auto Charging: YES
  • Time Scheduling: Time Scheduling, daily
  • Smart Phone Control: YES
  • Noise Level (db.): Approx.56
  • Charging Time(h): Approx.4-5h
  • Battery Capacity(mAH): NI-MH(3000)
  • Dust Bin Capacity(mL): 500
  • Max Working Time Per Charge(min): 110min
  • Object detection technology
  • Stair safety technology
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Dual side brushes
  • Automatic charging
  • Daily scheduling
  • Optional mopping system
  • Requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, will not work on 5GHz networks if you intend to use the included app

What’s In The Box

  • 2 wet mop heads
  • 4 side brush attachments
  • 2 high-efficiency filters
  • Manuals, warranty, and coupon for additional accessories
  • Charging dock
  • Remote control
Nice clean design.


I have to say that the design of the DEEBOT M80 Pro is actually very attractive. Its circular shape and gray and white color scheme is appealing and there is only the sole power button on top to worry about. The build quality is also very robust, I can’t say that it would survive a fall down a large flight of stairs but it looks and feels solid. Still, the company says the anti-drop sensors will prevent the DEEBOT M80 Pro from taking a tumble. Overall the design is very appealing, it’s not a small machine and does take up a bit of space but it’s also not overbearingly obnoxious. I like the design here and I think many would agree.

Ease of Use

There are two ways to use the DEEBOT M80 Pro, through the included app or the included remote control. Whatever method you choose, the controls and use cases are the same. There are a few cleaning modes to choose from here for different cases. There is the Auto Mode, Edge Mode, and Spot Mode. Each mode has the ability to be set to a standard cleaning or a maximum cleaning. The nifty thing is you can also control the M80 Pro with the remote control’s arrow pad like a remote control car.

The M80 Pro finds its way to the charging station every time.

Auto Mode basically just starts the cleaning process and will lightly clean it in Standard Mode or deep clean in Max Mode. The robot just motors around the room avoiding obstacles with its built-in sensors and sucking up the dirt on the carpet or floor. I found that the robot had no issues transitioning from my carpet to my floor. This could be a problem for some if you plan on using the mopping feature.

One way to keep the robot off the carpet while in mopping mode is to put obstacles on the perimeter of the carpet which will turn the robot around and bring it back to the floor. Or you could just manually control it with the arrow keys on the remote or app. I will say this, the DEEBOT M80 Pro isn’t going to automatically save you from doing any work. You will have to move stuff out of its way and be sure the floor isn’t cluttered. It’s important to move wires and other things the robot may run over and get caught on or damage. Still, overall, this thing is dead simple to use, it’s nearly a set it and forget it device. You just have to be sure you make the environment-friendly enough for it to operate in. The DEEBOT M81 is similar to the M80 Pro and can be seen in action in the video below.


There’s really not much to say about the included app, it’s basically a mirror version of the handheld remote control. It will only connect via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi though so be sure you have that band available on your router. The app is nice and minimal and easy to use, but I preferred just using the handheld remote.


As I mentioned before, the DEEBOT M80 Pro isn’t going to save you from not doing any work whatsoever. This device will not perform optimally if your floor is covered in (in our case) toys or anything else it can’t get over. Yes, you have to clean up before you use it, bummer I know. So how does it work when you do have the floor clear of large bulky items and wires? This thing performs very admirably considering its size. Again, this isn’t going to be a vacuum to pick up the largest pieces of debris on your floors and carpet.

I see the DEEBOT M80 Pro as more of a daily maintenance machine, not a deep cleaning “oh crap we haven’t vacuumed in over a year” machine. The edging feature is decent but isn’t as effective as using a traditional vacuum with a handheld wand. The mopping feature works great but I have a feeling if you haven’t mopped in ages, it won’t be as effective. There is something to be said for human hands and arms applying pressure to get some of that dirt up.

Another nice feature of the M80 Pro is the ability to set a timer and have the robot perform its duties on a schedule. I’m not sure I’d want to leave the house with this thing going as there are multiple places in my home it could get stuck. That being said, I’m sure everyone has a different setup and using the timer mode could be very useful for some users who may have a more streamlined living area.

The reservoir is easy to pull out and clean.

Performance is as good as can be expected for this device, as stated before, it’s just not a deep cleaning machine. I did find that the DEEBOT M80 Pro would occasionally get stuck under the back part of the couch. The edge was high enough for it to get under but then the sensor couldn’t see the bottom ridge so it kept trying to get under further and got stuck. I solved this by putting an obstacle in that spot so it would avoid it. The robot also got confused under chairs and would go in circles never able to get out from under. I solved this by getting the chairs off the floor. So as you see, there is still work involved and you’re not off the hook.

Overall the performance is great, there is a learning curve with this device and it’s not going to perform well in every scenario but if you’re clutter free, wire free and have space for it to do its job. It will perform well and maintain your carpet and floors nicely.


At $349.98USD that’s asking a lot, but Amazon currently has the DEEBOT M80 Pro on sale for $229.98USD which I think is more than a fair deal.

Wrap Up

The DEEBOT M80 Pro is a great little machine for your daily maintenance of floors and carpets. I don’t think it’s for those who don’t keep a fairly clean and uncluttered floor or don’t clean very often. Yes this will help you clean up but it won’t do all the work for you.

*We were sent a review sample of the ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on July 11, 2017.


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