Microsoft’s Surface Pro reportedly having hibernation issues


Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been out for a little bit now and it’s already having familiar issues that the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 had: hibernation problems. It’s a bummer that issues are happening in the early stages, but a lot of tech has issues right out of the gates.

The first report was found back on June 17th and the user was stating that their new Surface Pro was shutting down randomly and all settings were checked but the issue was still there with current work being lost with each shut down. As of right now, it looks like Microsoft already knows about this problem and responded back a week later with this response:

Hi everyone,

We are aware of a small group of customers reporting a scenario with their new Surface Pro in which the device inadvertently hibernates. We are investigating this issue.

BryanH [MSFT]

Other users who have the i5/i7 variants have been reporting shutdowns and data loss, but even with the Surface Pros hibernating randomly, there shouldn’t be any work being lost. As for an actual shut down, then data would be lost. If this is a software issue, then it could possibly be fixed, but who knows when Microsoft may get the update pushed out. If it’s a hardware issue, then you should be able to process an exchange to get another unit, or at least community forum mod Barb Bowman says so.

I haven’t had any hibernation issues with my Surface Pro yet *knocks on wood* but hopefully Microsoft will be able to get this fixed in no time because no one really wants to exchange their unit and possibly have the same issues. If any of you guys have the Surface Pro, have you run into this issue yet? What are your thoughts about this problem arising this early in units? Let us know by leaving comments in the comment section or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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