Peel Case review: The ultimate minimalist case for your S8+ or 7 Plus

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TA-ratings-90When I first started this website I did a lot of case reviews. In part, it’s what really got us going on reviews and being able to get other things for review. The Peel Case is the latest case I’ve been asked to take a look at and frankly, I’ve been eyeing the Peel Case for some time now. I’ve always been one who loves the design of his phone and never really wanted to put a case over it. I’ve also been one who has wanted to have at least a small level of protection. This is why the Peel Case appealed to me and I was pretty stoked when Peel approached me to review their new Peel Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Knowing that I use both the iPhone and the S8+, the company sent over cases for each phone for me to try and what follows is my review of the Peel Case. Find out why I think it’s a Top Pick for 2017.


  • Ultra thin 0.35mm
  • Precise cutouts
  • Perfectly formed
  • No branding

What’s In The Box

  • Peel Case
  • Instructions
Peel Case
Peel Cases are made for iPhone, Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Alright, first thing is first, this thing is insanely thin and light. Of all the cases I’ve reviewed and used, this case is by far the only case I can honestly say doesn’t feel like it’s there. All of the cut outs on both the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone versions are spot on. There’s no deviation from spec here, it’s like a cicada skin when you peel it off of your phone. The camera hump on both the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone versions have a nice bit of protection. The case is slightly ridged around the camera providing that little bit of buffer between the table and the hump.

Around the front there’s no lip, many other cases offer a raised lip but I actually love the lipless design here. All of the cutouts are spot on perfect on both of these cases and third party cables all work just fine. Often with other cases (especially iPhone cases) third party cables won’t fit the cutouts, these are perfect. The texture of the case is also nice, it’s slightly grippy and gives you a good feeling that you won’t drop your phone.

There’s no branding on this case and the darker colors do tend to block out your Apple and Samsung logos. While I would have liked to see an Apple logo on the back, or cut out, the case itself basically takes on the look of the phone. Overall the design is what I think is going to appeal to most users here. I mean users who love that minimal look and feel because this case is certainly not going to be loved by everyone as we move on to the protection aspect.

Peel Case
Peel Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+ in black.


If you’re pretty hard on your phones and tend to have harsh drops, bangs, bumps, and spills the Peel Case isn’t for you. Plain and simple. This case is so thin, it’s really only good for small bumps, scratches and light drops. The back of the Peel box says it best:

Our little company was born out of a problem that we desperately wanted to solve. We loved our sexy smartphones but hated the idea of ruining their good looks by slapping on a disgusting case. We were sick of cases that made our phones look gross.

At the same time, we wouldn’t dare to take the risk to not protect our expensive devices.

What if there was some middle ground; a case that protects you from bumps, scratches, and light drops, but doesn’t ruin your device’s aesthetic? That was the basis for creating Peel.

This case doesn’t score very high in protection levels, but it doesn’t have to. Because it’s not designed to be the ultimate in protection but rather designed to give nominal protection and maintaining the look of the phone. Overall the protection here is great if you’re careful with your phone and not overly boisterous in its handling.

Peel Case
Peel Case for iPhone 7 P;us in White.


Both the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus cases are priced in at $24.99USD. Price is very subjective here. For many, this is going to be way too much money for a case that offers very little in the way of protection. For those who love the minimal look and feel, the price is more than tolerable. I think the price is more than fair for what you’re getting in the design and look of this case.

Wrap Up

The Peel Case earns high marks from me because I enjoy the minimalist design, look, and feel. This case is certainly not for everyone and no one should be under any illusion that this case is protective. There is a degree of protection but it may not be up to everyone’s standard. That being said, this case is perfect for you if you don’t want to feel like you have a case on your phone but still have a minor amount of protection. For people like me, it’s the ultimate case.

*We were sent samples of the Peel Case for the purposes of this review.


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