SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handle Kit review: Extra comfort with style

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TA-ratings-96As fantastic as the Xbox Elite and SCUF Elite controllers are, I do find that sometimes after a couple hours the skin on the palms of my hands can get a bit sore. I’m a huge fan of the grips on the SCUF Infinity1 controller and our SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handles review takes a look at SCUF’s custom grips and thumbsticks for the Xbox Elite controller.


The SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handles have the following features and specifications:

  • SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks

    • Improve precision and accuracy
    • Length and shape caters to different hand sizes
    • Military grade grip for increased comfort and durability
    • Magnetic technology for easy changing of thumbsticks
  • SCUF Elite Pro Grip Handles

    • Contoured to fit your hands
    • Military grade material for improved grip
    • Easy to install

What’s in the box

  • 2x Pro Grip Handles
  • 3x Domed Precision Thumbsticks (regular/medium/long)
  • 3x Concave Precision Thumbsticks (regular/medium/long)
  • Grip removal tool
  • Instruction pamphlet
What’s in the box…


The SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks are, of course, pretty similar to the Xbox Elite controller thumbsticks. The shaft is made of metal and the top is capped with a soft rubber domed or concave cap. In either case, the cap has the SCUF logo embossed in it. The thumbsticks that come in the kit come in three lengths — regular, medium, or long. Depending on your play style, there is only one each of length in either domed or concave cap. To put it a bit more clearly, you will not be able to put two regular domed thumbsticks on or two long concave thumbsticks. More on that later…

The Precision Thumbsticks come in three lengths with concave or domed caps.

The Pro Grip Handles are, obviously, the same size and shape as the Xbox Elite handles. The handles themselves are manufactured from hard, sturdy plastic, and the “military grade” rubberized grip covers the same area as the grip on the Elite handles. The grip itself has the same SCUF icon grip pattern as the SCUF Infinity1 controller.

The SCUF Elite Pro Gaming Grips.

While our review sample came in red to match our SCUF Elite Controller, the SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handles are currently available in Black. Blue, green, and white are also offered but are currently unavailable. Even though the red is nice, it doesn’t quite match the colour scheme of our SCUF Elite review unit and I think aesthetically I would have preferred the black version. That being said, as far as colour goes it’s a minor issue and definitely something of a personal preference.


Installation of the Precision Thumbsticks is simple. Simply pull off your existing thumbsticks and slide the Precision Thumbsticks you wish to use onto your Xbox Elite or SCUF ELITE controller and the magnets will hold it in place.

There’s not much to the Precision Thumbstick installation.

The installation of the Pro Grip Handles is a bit more involved. It’s not overly difficult, and SCUF includes easy to follow directions and a grip handle removal tool. In a nutshell, you have to insert the grip removal tool close to the split line just under the trigger, then slightly twist and slide the tool to release the grip clips. You may feel like you’re going to break the grip but they are very sturdy and as long as you go slowly and carefully you’ll be fine. Once you’ve removed your existing grip handle, apply the small piece of included tape to the controller chassis where the old piece of tape should have been.

The Pro Gaming Grips are pretty easy to install as well.

Once that’s done, all you need to do is position and push the new Pro Grip Handle on your controller and snap it into place. Repeat for the other side and you’re good to go.

The Pro Gaming Grips installed.

The clips on the Pro Grip Handles are pretty solid as well and during the course of testing, I’ve removed them maybe a dozen times or so and they show no sign of weakening. While you’ll most likely install them and leave them on, it’s good to know that they can be removed and re-installed with no issues should you want to swap them out again later.


As for the differing sizes and caps on the Precision Thumbsticks, when I inquired about this, SCUF mentioned that most pro gamers have different length thumbsticks as a general preference. Undaunted, I tried out a number of combinations and ended up settling on the regular concave for my right thumbstick and medium concave for my left. To be honest, it didn’t take long to find a comfortable setup and I had no issues with using thumbsticks of differing lengths in anything I played.

The Pro Grip Handles are definitely very comfortable and are easily more comfortable than the default Xbox Elite grip handles. One thing I noticed after first installing them is there was a small point of very minor resistance when the triggers were pulled in about two-thirds of the way. While it didn’t affect performance at all, feeling that little “bump” every time you pulled the trigger in was a bit annoying. Upon closer testing and inspection, I realized that if I pulled the trigger a certain way, I couldn’t feel that “bump,” however it was not conducive to the way I play. I did some further investigation and found that there was a lip on the inside of the Pro Grip Handles that seemed to be just a bit higher up than the default grip handles. A quick shave with an X-Acto blade quickly solved the issue. As I mentioned, this in no way affected performance and depending on how you pull the trigger you may not even notice it, but as it was annoying for me was worth mentioning the issue and the way I managed to “fix” it.

It’s not pretty but it’s hidden – a simple shave of this area removed an annoying “bump” while using triggers.


At $29.95USD, you’re getting a pretty good deal for some very comfortable Pro Grip Handles and a selection of Precision Thumbsticks.


The SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handles Kit offers various options and great comfort for gaming with the Xbox Elite or SCUF Elite Xbox One controllers.

*We were sent a sample of the SCUF Elite Precision Thumbsticks & Pro Grip Handles Kit for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 19, 2017.


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