Warner Bros. gives the green light to Wonder Woman sequel

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Gal Gadot could do for DC what Robert Downey Jr. did for Marvel. That is, finally launch their universe properly into the movie realm. Wonder Woman has gotten rave reviews and now Warner Bros. says a Wonder Woman sequel has the green light.

That’s right folks, a Wonder Woman sequel with (they’d be fools not to) Gal Gadot should be coming our way in the next few years. We enjoyed the first movie very much and our own Justin Jelinek had this to say about it.

Wonder Woman represents the first truly good movie in the current DCEU. It’s not without flaws, but it presents a coherent, well thought out vision for how Wonder Woman should appear in the DC Extended Universe. I hope DC can continue this momentum and use this as a launching point to make some better movies, because they’ve got some great characters, they’ve just misused most of them pretty horribly in recent films. Thankfully they managed to get Wonder Woman right.

As Polygon points out, Wonder Woman is DC’s most successful film and it was also the highest grossing film of the summer. Director Patty Jenkins has said she’d like to be part of a Wonder Woman sequel and she’d likely want to change what time period it takes place in. Wonder Woman’s first appearance in the DCEU was BvS which (I felt) wasn’t written well enough for this character, she should have played a much bigger role. That’s neither here nor there now I suppose. Her stand alone movie redeemed her value and now we’re going to see a sequel.

Wonder Woman’s next appearance is going to be in Justice League which is slated to be released November 17th.

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