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We’re no strangers to EVEN headphones, we’ve had the chance to test both the EVEN H1 headphones and the EVEN E1 earphones. Now the company is introducing their EVEN H2 wireless Bluetooth headphones. These are the successors to the H1 headphones and should appeal to those who aren’t fond of wires. EVEN’s EarPrint technology is also baked into the H2 wireless headphones and it’s what sets EVEN apart from other headphone makers. The company’s EarPrint software is supposed to optimize the sound based on you’re hearing. We were skeptical at first but soon learned that the technology actually works very well. Here’s what Jason Bouwmeester said about the H1’s:

There’s no question in my mind that the EVEN H1 headphones are worthy of a Top Pick of 2016 award. The design, comfort, and balanced sound produced by the EarPrint technology will have me highly recommending these headphones to anyone looking for a new pair.

Last time we tested EVEN headphones they were usable on Android and iOS, reading the press release below, it seems the H2 app may only be iOS. We’re reaching out to the company to clarify and find out if Android is supported. After contacting the company, we’ve learned that the Android is app is forthcoming so Android users will be covered.

Still, previous EVEN headphones have been a hit here at Techaeris and I fully expect the company to produce a great follow-up. Check out the full press release below and let us know what you think of EVEN headphones in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


Introducing EVEN H2, World’s First Wireless Headphones With Patented EVEN EarPrint™ Sound Personalization

EVEN H2 Wireless Headphones Redefine the Listening Experience with Built-in EVEN EarPrint Technology that Adapts Sound to Each Listener’s Unique Hearing

SAN FRANCISCO (July 25, 2017) – EVEN, a company reinventing personal audio with breakthrough technology and products that adapt sound to each listener’s unique hearing, today announced the launch of EVEN H2, the first wireless Bluetooth headphones with EVEN EarPrint sound personalization built in. The H2 headphones are the latest in a line of groundbreaking, adaptive audio products introduced by EVEN over the past 12 months.

Because our hearing is imperfect, unbalanced, and changes over time from noise exposure, age, and genetics, EVEN H2 Headphones feature the patented EVEN EarPrint technology with a quick, easy and powerful onboard hearing test to create real-time frequency compensation and dynamically adapt sound in real time. With the EVEN H2, seamless Bluetooth integration, a 20-hour battery, state of the art design and extraordinary comfort come together to give people the power to connect with their music or mobile device and the freedom to take the unmatched EVEN experience anywhere they care to listen.

“The release of the H2 is yet another step toward our mission to usher in a new age of sound innovation within the audio industry,” said Danny Aronson, co-founder, and CEO of EVEN. “Our technology gives people a listening experience that they may have never had before or have not heard in a long time. We make it possible for people to re-discover music and hear what they’ve been missing. Not only are we providing an unparalleled listening experience that people deserve, we are also reinventing the personal audio industry by setting a standard in which catered and personalized sound should be the prerequisite for any optimal product.”

EVEN H2 Headphones are crafted from premium materials that feature stylish Walnut wood ear cups, heavy-duty metal accents, animal-friendly, breathable faux leather and an unwired design. They feature a companion smartphone app for iOS that allows users to test, store and manage their EarPrints and see exactly how they hear. The intelligent app uniquely matches frequencies with musical instruments into visually stunning and informative graphics. The App can also be used to easily switch EarPrints on and off to really hear the difference.

EVEN’s EarPrint Technology

EVEN’s patented EarPrint technology measures your hearing through an innovative interactive process to dynamically adapt sound to the way you hear, in each ear. Sarah, EVEN’s intelligent assistant, guides you through the 90-second process. Once an EarPrint is set, and a device is paired, you can hear the EVEN difference by tapping the EVEN button once to turn your EarPrint ON or OFF.

EVEN H2 key features:

  • Patented EVEN EarPrint technology that adapts sound to the way you hear through a quick and easy set up process that is built into the headphones.
  • Seamless Bluetooth integration with a 30-foot range, allowing connection to a variety of devices
  • Working battery life of 20 hours (15 hours more than a single charge for AirPods), requiring one hour of charge time.
  • Free companion app for iOS exclusively designed for use with the H2 Headphones. The H2 App lets you see how you hear, store and manage unlimited EarPrints and easily turn your EarPrint on and off while listening.
  • Battery running low? Switch to ‘EarPrint Off’ mode and plug in the provided audio 3.5″ line out cable for wired listening until you can recharge.
  • Unique and modern styling with genuine walnut-wood paneling, heavy duty metal accents, plush faux-leather ear pads, and a fully adjustable headband.
  • Integrated wireless mic and four-button control (Play, Pause, Volume, Call control).
  • Handsome, sturdy and stylish travel case included.


The EVEN H2 Headphones are available for on EVEN’s website for $299. For more information, visit www.weareeven.com. Or purchase on Amazon.


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