The pros and cons of hiring IT support vs. having your own in-house support staff


It is difficult to keep a business afloat in the midst of overwhelming competition. And, in order to thrive in the cutthroat world of business, it is essential for business organizations no matter how small, to be supported by Information Technology. IT support is undoubtedly an important business component that must be given utmost priority. Fortunately, due to the successful technological advancements and globalization, outsourcing IT support has become possible. However, is it more beneficial than having your own in-house support staff? This article will highlight some of the pros and cons so that you can make a better decision for your needs.

The pros of having your own in-house IT support staff

If you have your own in-house support staff, you will have technicians ready to address technological issues whenever you require their assistance. Basically, you will be able to converse with your tech support face-to-face, which can expedite the progress of remedying a problem. In addition to that, your sensitive and confidential business information and property are also more likely to remain confidential as you can easily get your employees to sign non-compete contracts before they work for you.

The cons of having your own in-house IT support staff

You would likely have to spend a fortune on setting up a data center. In addition to that, you also will have to hire skilled employees to perform their IT duties. The installation of hardware components and the development of applications will also only add to your expenses. Having an in-house IT support would mean that you’ll have miscellaneous and hidden costs. Your IT specialist may also have limited knowledge and understanding of the technological devices; he/she may be great at solving printer issues but may not know anything about fixing network security issues. And, have you considered how arduous it can get finding and interviewing the employees?


The pros of hiring IT support

All the employees working in the IT service industry are highly skilled and trained and they are all ready to provide you with solutions to your technological problems. In a nutshell, if you outsource IT support, you hire the services of experts all working on the latest technology, ready to serve you in the best possible way. Not only is hiring IT support cheaper, the costs are also predictable and you will only be liable to pay fixed monthly fees and charges. You will also be able to solely focus on the development of your business and core competencies; no longer will you have to face obstacles created by technological issues. If you are looking for information on small business IT support, you should visit the site,

The cons of hiring IT support

When you have your own in-house support staff, you will have technicians ready to address technological issues whenever you require their assistance. However, when you hire IT support, they might not be able to attend to your matters at your convenience and you may have communication gaps with your tech support. When you hire IT support, there is also a greater risk of your intellectual property being stolen.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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