JamStack is the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier


Playing an electric guitar without a decent amplifier and effects is pretty dull. But who wants to lug a big amp or even a practice amp around all the time? JamStack is the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier and from the demos, it sounds pretty damn good. The JamStack attaches to the base of any “standard” electric guitar and integrates with an included smartphone app. The only cables in sight are the ones connecting JamStack to the phone and guitar. So you’re free to move about wherever you like.


The JamStack uses the power of portable speaker technology, an ingenious attachment mechanism, and some clever signal management to be more than just a portable guitar amplifier. It’s the most freeing, most versatile, and most addictive way to play the electric guitar. Period. You won’t believe the sound quality, volume, and rich tones it can produce at such a tiny form factor. It’s a little powerhouse that’s easy to use and built to last. If you want to play with effects, there’s nothing faster to set up, and nothing even close to as portable.

The JamStack is made up of three pieces of equipment: Speaker system, smartphone mount, and patch cables. The system weighs under 2lbs. and is easy to throw in your gig bag on the run. The company says it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker as well. The amplifier was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and blasted past its goals, funding was completed June 24, 2017. The JamStack will set you back $199USD right now and that seems like a fair price for what you get here. Check out their website for more info, we’re reaching out to the company for a review unit so keep an eye out, we may hopefully have one to test for you.

What do you think of JamStack? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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