Skinit Nexus 6P case review: Personalized minimal protection for your smartphones

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TA-ratings-84One market that has exploded since the advent of smartphones is that of smartphone cases. Sure, you can snag yourself a premium case to protect your investment but then your phone looks like all the other ones out there with similar cases. Our Skinit Nexus 6P case review takes a look at a smartphone case option which has hundreds of different designs to choose from to suit almost any taste.


The Skinit phone case for the Nexus 6P at its base is a clear, snap-on LeNu case. It is pretty thin and somewhat flexible. The case covers the back of the Nexus 6P, as well as both long edges, with decent cutouts for the volume and power buttons, as well as for the camera, microphone, and fingerprint scanner. The case curves around the four corners of the phone, but leave the main portion of the top and bottom of the device uncovered and unprotected. One thing to note: when browsing through the various supported phone options, other cases are of a different style so your mileage for design will definitely vary as far as the base case is concerned.

The Nexus 6P Skinit case is basically a plastic case with a vinyl label on the back.

As far as personalized design, our review sample came with the good old Edmonton Oilers logo and orange background. In reality, the design is a premium vinyl decal which is affixed to the back of the LeNu case. While the vinyl decal covers the back of the case, it doesn’t wrap up to the side leaving the sides clear and visible. Given the material used, it’d definitely be difficult to wrap it up over the corners, but some side coverage/extension would be nice.

The case does have well placed cutouts for buttons, the camera, and the fingerprint scanner.

Skinit has partnered with a number of organizations including the MLB, NHL, NBA, colleges, Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and more, and also offer designs based on pop culture, anime, lifestyle, and photography among others.


As far as phone cases go, installation of this one is super easy. Simply slide the edge of your Nexus 6P with the volume and power buttons into the case towards the side with the cutouts and then snap the other side up and onto the phone. Removal is pretty easy as well should you want to change cases up at some point, or remove it for cleaning.


As mentioned in the Design section above, while the case covers the back, long edges, and corners of the Nexus 6P, the top and bottom are left exposed. That being said, the case does offer the same protection as various other minimal phone cases on the market. Being manufactured from a somewhat flexible material as opposed to a harder plastic does offer some impact absorption as well, but not much. While it does offer basic protection, the name of the game for Skinit phone cases leans towards customization.

While the back, corners, and sides are protected, the top and bottom are left exposed.


Most of the Nexus 6P Skinit cases are priced at $19.99USD, with an option to upload your own image or add your own text for $24.99USD. This is definitely on the lower end of pricing for smartphone cases and for the design choice and quality, it is pretty reasonably priced.

For what you get, the Nexus 6P Skinit case is pretty reasonably priced.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to spruce up and customize your phone with designs from your favourite sports team, colleges, Marvel character, or other options, the Skinit phone cases do the trick.

*We were sent a sample of the Skinit Nexus 6P case for the purposes of this review.

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