Seidio Surface review: An almost perfect Blackberry KEYone case

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TA-ratings-98We’ve reviewed Seidio smartphone cases here before at Techaeris and I was pleased to hear they had cases available for the new Blackberry KEYone. They were kind enough to send over a couple different styles and our Seidio Surface review takes a look at an almost perfect case for the Blackberry KEYone. Check back later this week and we’ll have the Seidio Dilex Blackberry KEYone case review, which is definitely another option.


The Seidio Surface case has the following features and specifications:

  • Ultra-Slim look and feel
  • Overall thickness of 2mm
  • Sleek case that provides scratch protection for your device
  • Precision cut-outs for access to controls, ports, microphones, speakers, and camera
  • Magnetic zinc-alloy kickstand provides convenience by easily snapping back in when not in use
  • Surface holster is felt-lined and features a face-in design to protect your device when carried
  • Top spring-clip holds your device and lifts quickly for easy access
  • Use the swivel belt clip to hold your device in up to seven different directions

What’s in the box

  • Seidio Surface Blackberry KEYone case
  • Seidio Surface Holster (optional)


The Seidio Surface cases are composed of three pieces: the flexible TPU inner shell with Seidio’s Hexguard Technology and two hard shelled outer pieces. Unlike other Seidio Surface cases that I’ve reviewed which have the same rounded four corners, the case for the Blackberry KEYone has a slightly thicker top portion which is slightly indented over the top corners. The bottom corners are rounded and fit in the same fashion as other Surface cases.

Seidio Surface case for the Blackberry KEYone (front view).

The outer shell has a nice soft, matte, grippy texture to it which looks quite sharp in both our black and red/black review samples. If you wish, the case is also available in a blue/grey colour scheme. The cutouts are nicely positioned, and the button cutouts on the outer shell extend down towards the back which allows for easier access, especially when using the device with one hand. The kickstand is located on the back of the bottom section of the outer shell and tucks away neatly when not in use. When it is extended, the KEYone sits at a nice angle in landscape mode which is great for watching videos.

The kickstand offers a nice angle for watching videos.

When assembled, the case fits nice and snug and has a nice feel to it. One issue with the case, however, is due to the fact that the KEYone has a physical keyboard. As the Surface case design stands, the keyboard sticks ever so slightly. It’s barely noticeable but when placing the phone face down, you can definitely hear a bit of a click when the keys make contact with your desk or table. It’s not the end of the world and doesn’t seem to add any excess wear to the keys but I would have liked to have seen a bit of a thicker case like it is around the top corners to account for this.


Like other Seidio Surface cases, installation is easy. Slide the Blackberry KEYone into the inner shell, slide the smaller bottom piece over the bottom of your phone, and finally slide the top piece over the top of your phone and push it into place until you hear the outer shell click together.

After the inner case is on, slide the two outer shell pieces onto the KEYone.

Removing the case is just as easy, but does require a bit of force to pull the outer shell apart.


The Seidio Surface is one of my favourite cases for my smartphones due to its level of protection without adding a lot of extra bulk. The same holds true in their Blackberry KEYone version of the case. When placed face down, the screen is lifted above the desk or table slightly, protecting it from accidental scratches. As mentioned above, the keys do stick out a bit but it doesn’t seem to affect them when the phone is placed face down with the case on.

Front and back view of the TPU inner shell.

The case itself is nice and solid, and coupled with the inner layer with the Hexguard Technology easily protects your phone from accidental drops and falls. I wouldn’t go around smashing it to the ground to test it out but I did accidentally knock my phone off the kitchen table with my elbow and it survived the fall perfectly.


The Seido Surface Holster is an optional accessory for those who prefer to use a holster clip for their phones. The holster is made of hard black plastic and holds your Blackberry KEYone by way of two rounded tabs at the bottom and a spring-loaded clip at the top. When sliding your phone into the holster, the clip snaps into place and holds the top of your phone in the holster. To release, simply press up on the clip and remove your phone.

Seidio Surface case for the Blackberry KEYone in the Surface holster.

The inside of the holster is lined with black felt to protect your screen from scratches and rubbing. The swivel clip on the back is about 3″ in length and offers just over 2″ of area where it clips onto a belt or the waistband of your pants. The clip also swivels in seven different directions so you can holster your phone at the angle you desire.


With a regular price of $29.95USD for the case, and $29.99USD for the holster, it can get a bit pricey if you want both options. That being said, $60 is a small price to pay to protect your smartphone. That being said, the Seidio Surface case for the Blackberry KEYone is currently on sale on the Seidio website for $25.46 and you can add on a holster for only $10 if you wish. Either way, it’s a more than reasonable price to pay for a quality case.


I’ve mentioned that the Seidio Surface is one of my favourite cases for smartphones and their Blackberry KEYone version doesn’t disappoint. Aside from being a little shallow on the keyboard end, it’s a solid and great looking case for your Blackberry KEYone which offers decent protection without adding a lot of bulk.

*We were sent a sample of the Seidio Surface Blackberry KEYone case for the purposes of this review.

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