ARK: Survival Evolved officially launches digitally and in retail stores

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It’s been a long road, but after over 2 years on Steam Early Access and a lengthy beta period on consoles, ARK: Survival Evolved has officially launched.

“Sharing the development process with players has led to more amazing content than we could have ever imagined when we set out on this journey,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Development Director, Co-Creative Director, Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard. “If you haven’t been to ARK island since the early days, we invite you to come back to visit and explore. Having the game available on every continent, opening our world of dinosaurs to new and existing players across the globe is an exciting recruiting prospect. Welcome to the Island new ARK survivors!”

To date, Studio Wildcard has hosted over 10 million survivors on ARK island as they’ve tamed, trained, ridden, and bred over 100 different types of dinosaurs and other creatures. The action-adventure survival game is set in an open world environment, and players can also band together to build bases and defend themselves against wildlife and other players. One thing that was missing, however, was a story mode and today ARK Island reveals its true meaning to current and new players with a story mode and an end boss.

The launch also brings more content, joining the many content updates the game saw during the early access process. New content includes:

  • Orchestral Soundtrack: Composer Gareth Coker (Minecraft, Ori and the Blind Forest) recorded the in-game music at Abbey Road Studios in London with the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra. A huge and varied score brings to life every part of the game, be it the beach, the mountains, the jungles, the desert, the caves, the epic boss battles, and even the out-of-this-world science-fiction climax of ARK’s End Game.
  • Ragnarok DLC: A free expansion map built by members of the ARK modding community, this huge map launched today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms! This 144 sq km island features expansive biomes and distinct creatures, including the Griffin with its unique dive-bomb attack!
  • Storyline: Players will get a better sense of where they are, why they are there and what the ARK actually is
  • End Game Content: Hunt down the end boss, then conquer him with your fellow survivors and dino army!
  • Two New Creatures
    • Otter – Found along the island’s many waterways, this friendly furry creature will ride on your shoulder, keep you warm, and is the only ARK creature able to harvest the coveted black pearls!
    • Phoenix – Found only on the ARK Scorched Earth expansion pack, this mythological creature appears during extreme heat waves and if provoked sets targets ablaze with a single bite!
  • Loads of bug fixes, along with quality and optimization changes for a smoother gameplay experience

ARK: Survival Evolved  is available now in full “boxed retail” and 1.0 digital form worldwide in retail stores and on digital storefronts for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Steam PC, Mac, and Linux.

Have you been playing ARK: Survival Evolved? Did you try it at some point during Early Access and plan on checking out the retail release? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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