Infographic: Must-have free apps for working parents

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If you don’t have kids and you’re working full-time, life obviously isn’t easy. However, at least you can come home to relax in the evenings without having to worry about arranging stuff for a bunch of hyperactive kids and making dinner for everyone. This infographic from HappyCleans takes you through some apps that can help to make things a little bit easier for working parents.

It is so important for families to stay organized. If you lack organization as a working parent, you’re going to lose so much unnecessary time that you don’t have to begin with. For example, it can be very difficult to get kids to help out around the house, but there are apps that can encourage them to do at least a little bit of work, to take some of the load off you. For example, Happy Kids Timer encourages kids to do household tasks by using fun animations and music to keep them motivated. Another great app for household tasks is Chorma as it turns household tasks into a competition. If your kids are competitive it can be a great way to get them to help out a bit more.

One very serious issue for a lot of families is budgeting and with so many different expenses it can be very difficult to have sufficient funds for everything. You might have to pay for music lessons or other classes and these can cost a lot. Mint could be a very handy app for you as it lets you keep track of things a little better to ensure you’re not short of cash when it’s most important. It even offers you advice on where you can make savings.

Why not download a few of these to see if they’re in any way useful? All of them are free so if you find them useless, all you have to do is tap the uninstall button. Check out the full infographic below.

What do you think of these apps? Do you have some good suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.



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