You’ll have to wait a bit to get the Coldheart pre-order weapon in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 came out at midnight, today, September 6th and people are getting all the loot they can while getting through mission after mission. Those who have pre-ordered the game were also given gifts, an exotic Coldheart tracer rifle and a Kill-Tracker Ghost that shows your stats for the campaign and kills in the crucible. Unfortunately, there’s a catch…

In order for you to get both of the goodies, you need to reach the capped level of 20 and have beaten the game. Once both objectives have been completed, you can get Coldheart from the Gunsmith at the Farm and go destroy everyone with it, whether you’re still looking to play more of the story line or kick some butt in the crucible. As for the new Ghost, Lord Shaxx has it waiting for you at the Farm too whenever you’re ready.

Don’t let reaching level 20 and beating the game get you down because you still get a few more things you can collect right away if you’ve pre-ordered the game. If you’ve chosen to get the limited edition version of Destiny 2, go to your vault at the Farm and you can see emblems and emotes like the legendary Salute emote and a Cabal themed emblem. More emblems include those that you have unlocked through the Moment’s of Triumph book during your time playing the original Destiny.

Reaching level 20 and completing the game to receive your pre-order gifts is a bit of a stretch on Bungie’s part, but if they were doing this on purpose so everyone can get through the game without seeming over powerful, we can understand that. Has anyone reached level 20 or beat the game yet to receive Coldheart and the Kill-Tracker Ghost? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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