It seems electric mountain bikes are all the rage and PESU wants you to buy theirs


Electric mountain bikes seem to be all the rage right now. Electric mountain bikes can offer riders a more exhilarating, but also way more dangerous, experience. One thing is for certain, electric mountain bikes aren’t toys. These machines are serious pieces of equipment and demand respect. That being said, PESU claims the world’s fastest quick response electric mountain bike on the market. So if you’re an adventurer or someone who loves living by the seat of their pants. The PESU electric mountain bike may be up your alley.

Off-road adventure made fun and accessible. With PESU you’ll find that extra power to go even further. Go beyond the end of the trail and explore a new path. Finally, a true, no-compromise, electric powered mountain bike that is unbelievably fun and undeniably practical. Electric bikes expand your boundaries. Do more and see more. Incredibly fun, unquestionably practical. With extra power and pedal assistance, every ride will be pure joy.

Our mission is to make an e-bike that is truly fun. One that will enhance your riding experience and help you expand your boundaries, to go further, while not making your legs sore next day. We want to create an e-bike that inspires you to explore further, go off the beaten path and most importantly — keep moving forward. In order to do that we had to push boundaries and look beyond the standard procedure.

An industry first approach – our PESU e-bikes are designed in conjunction with our drive unit. Every detail has been redefined so our drive unit matches our bikes and vice versa, which all match our mission perfectly.

Fastest Motor Response Time – As mentioned — our mission is to create an e-bike that is truly fun. We weren’t satisfied with the other drive unit’s response time on the market right now, so we went and created our own. From 2015, we decided to self-develop and patent our own torque sensor. The torque sensor is a type of throttle that determines how much juice to feed the motor based on how hard you are pedaling.

What do you think of the PESU mountain bike? Do these bikes interest you? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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