KIWI P1 is a precise laser measurement tool in compact package


Throughout the ages, there have been various tools and devices for measuring everything from the smallest to the largest distances. Often times you need a number of different measuring tools, which aren’t always the easiest to use for all your measuring needs. Myantenna Tech has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the KIWI P1, a highly accurate, fast, compact, and easy-to-use laser measurement tool which looks to take the place of traditional measuring tools.

“When it comes to interior design or real estate, KIWI P1 makes it easy,” explains Myantenna Tech CEO David Liu. “Whether the outside of a building or the inside of a home the calculations are accurate and fast.”

The KIWI P1 is small and offers accuracy to 2mm for interior designers, architects, surveyors, or use around the house for measuring everything from furniture to hanging pictures evenly. The KIWI P1 is also user-friendly with its one-button design and has an innovative vertical alignment (VA) display which is easy to read in any environment.

You can even use the KIWI P1 for remote measuring, easily switch between meters and feet, and attach and detach the optional mirrored magnetic Smart Switch for 90-degree angle measurements.

Specifications of the KIWI P1 include:

  • Accuracy: 1/152ft (2mm)
  • Range: 0.6-130ft (0.2-40m)
  • Laser Class: 2
  • Laser Type: 635~650nm, <1 mW
  • Battery (2 x AAA): 5 hours
  • Auto Fetch: Yes
  • Smart Switch: Optional
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 100 x 35 x 18mm
  • Weight (with batteries): 68g

The Indiegogo campaign, which launched on September 6th, has reached its $10,000USD goal and is fully funded. There are still a few Limited Early Bird perks available at $29 USD. After that, the price goes up to $34 which is $14 off the MSRP of $48. If you’re interested in the KIWI P1 with the Smart Switch, you can still pre-order those for $44 each, which is also a saving of $14. The KIWI P1 is expected to ship in October.

What do you think about this compact laser measuring tool? Is it something you would find handy? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks for our full review.

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