Five great apps that are budget friendly and help with productivity


Who doesn’t love smartphone apps? They are super convenient, fun, and some can even come in handy in daily life situations. For instance, some folks out there may fall victim to procrastination and have trouble with being productive. Well, guess what? There are apps out there that can help with that very problem. Here are 5 great apps that are both budget friendly and can help with productivity.

1. Fax Burner

Fax Burner or “F@x Burner” is an app that allows users to send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Sorry, Android users. It seems like you can’t send and receive faxes to your phone, but you can still use the app by sending and receiving them to your email address instead. iPad users will also be able to use this app.

There are three different packages the user can choose from when using this app. The free package gives you a disposable fax number (as in you can only use a number once), 25 inbound pages per month and 5 outbound pages per month. Email to fax support, and fax to Email support.

The Professional package is $9.97 a month and includes a toll-free fax number, 500 pages both outbound and inbound per month, email to fax support, fax to email support, a permanent fax number, and a 14-day free trial.

The final package is the Premier package and costs $19.97 per month. This package includes a toll-free fax number, 2,000 pages both outbound and inbound per month, Email to fax support, fax to Email support, a permanent fax number, and a 14-day free trial.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application that synchronizes your notes so that you can find them from any computer or smartphone. This app would be the handiest for students or those that work in business settings. But really, anyone who takes notes can use Evernote. A basic account is free and students get 50% off of premium accounts.

3. Paprika

Paprika is a recipe manager and a grocery-list generator. The Paprika app is available for download on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows. Paprika’s built-in browser allows users to save recipes from anywhere on the internet. The app cost $5 to buy.

4. Freedom

Since most of my work comes from freelance writing, I know the struggle of being distracted by the Internet. Freedom seems like a solution to this problem. The app blocks a list of websites during the time that you choose. You can test run Freedom for a month by paying $7. You get a whole year of uninterrupted service for $2.42 a month, or you can get unlimited service forever for a one-time payment of $129.

5. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is a great way of keeping track of your finances. Easily connect all your bank accounts in one place and access them from your smart device almost anywhere. The company even offers a free trial period and a money back guarantees.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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