More possible Google Pixelbook info surfaces online

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Today is the day where Google announces their next generation Google Pixel and Pixel XL and there’s more than just phones that’ll be shown up on stage. There have been leaks about a possible new Pixel tablet or the Pixelbook as it’s being called on the interweb, and while there hasn’t been much detailed about this possible product, an electronics re-seller Synnex has provided a little more information about the Pixelbook.

Leaks show the Pixelbook will be using Intel’s Core i5 processors inside the 12.3-inch display unit. Previous leaks say there could three different versions with either 128, 256 or 512GB storage and a high price tag staring out at $1,199 up to $1,749. What’s interesting will be if Google is going with Intel’s eighth generation processors or last years seventh gen. For the price that Google is looking for, hopefully the tech giant would make the clock speed higher for each model or increase the memory.

On that note, Synnex also leaked something Google is calling “Google Clips” that is labeled under the computer accessory category. It may not be some kind of computer accessory, for all we know it could be something along the lines of a 360-degree camera or something related to AR or VR. There’s nothing more than that detailed, so everyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what Google Clips could be. Either way, we’ll find out more in just a few hours.

These prices are set too high for what could be the next Pixel computer, but at the same time it is Google, so the high pricing does sound about right based on their previous reference tablet/laptop devices. Other products we’ll probably see include a new Google Home, the Google Home Mini.

So, what do you guys think about Google possibly releasing another Pixel computer? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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