The Top 15 reasons to outsource mobile app development


Running a successful business today requires a heavy online presence. Whether through an engaging website, smart social media utilization, or a viral mobile app, you have to take your company’s digital street cred quite seriously. The times when websites used to be the auxiliary means of marketing your product are long gone.

Truth behind outsourcing

The last few decades brought the online presentation of business to the forefront of consumers’ sight. Companies had to evolve and embrace the heart-on-sleeve display, as the internet has empowered everybody by giving them the unlimited source of information and a voice. This made business owners consider the playing field of the web as one of the prioritized ones.

Consequently, this as well as the massive technological advances, especially in the mobile device realm, brought the rise of the IT industry. Ultimately, things took a twist nobody expected; mobile computing beat desktop in web usage. That solidified iPhone and Android applications as the primary digital content delivery media. Since then, it’s an app world, where business owners see growth opportunities. The market got infested with digital products either supporting their business or becoming a business themselves.

No wonder, when multiple companies started facing competition, they faced three ways to deal with it:

  • Innovate to create better products and relevant monetization
  • Reduce costs by cheapening the production
  • Just face a new reality and get used to a lower profit in this segment
mobile app
How do you reduce costs? Optimize the budget by using cheaper supplies, leveraging salary and productivity rates.

Obviously, the last one is barely an option, the first one is cool, but I mean, come on. So the second is the option. How do you reduce costs? Optimize the budget by using cheaper supplies, leveraging salary, and productivity rates. This naturally brings us to the concept of outsourcing. All major companies know how to outsource web development. There are lots of horror stories of how an outsourced team ruined an MVP, but how much of the fault rests with a bad management? Can you create a perfect alignment of productivity, security, and fun, because it is fun to have a dedicated team on the other side of the world? If you run your product management like a mission control, your business will skyrocket.

What follows is the list of top 15 reasons why mobile application development outsourcing is the way to go for a vast majority of companies looking to improve their financial and overall performance.

1. Cost Savings/Burn Rate Reduction

The reality is simple. Outsourced labor may save you up to 70% of the in-house team salary expenses. If you manage to find the balance between the higher level executive tasks and the lower level technical tasks, you’ll be able to leverage the burn rates in favor of better performance. Generating bigger revenue at a lower price is one of the main benefits of outsourcing mobile app development.

2. Time Savings/Fine Scheduling

An indispensable prerequisite of a productive remote outsourced work is proper time management. The success of an outsourced project development stands on 3 pillars: communication, productivity, and timing. If you manage to find an ethical outsourced agency that utilizes a clear and simple workflow around the clock, you can close sprints and launch solutions faster and be ahead of the game.

3. Skilled Workers/Unlimited Talent Pool

Some of the biggest talents in the industry have come from the most unexpected places. The world is full of great developers looking for a way to unfold. There are clusters of these developers in outsourcing app development companies. You can tap into any of those, and take your application project to new dimensions.

4. Diversity/Flexibility

Your app project timeline will require a lot of subtasks and short-term objectives that won’t require your participation in hiring, training, and engaging employees to complete them.

5. Global Outlook/Future Perspective

Building a custom application for the internal market can be done intuitively in terms of UX, but if you aspire to go international, you will most likely require some meaningful changes to make your app relevant in different parts of the world. An outsourced team, representing a different cultural identity but a shared mindset and an equal dedication to your project might be your two-birds-with-one-stone scenario.

6. Clear Strategy/Division Of Labor

Another prerequisite of a healthy business is the system of business processes behind it. Having a head office concentrating on business decisions and a technical team focused on polishing their part of the product will give a competitive edge to the entire app startup.

mobile app
Your in-house team will be dedicated to your app 100%.

7. Fixated Delivery/Compliance

An outsourced team will follow your workflow pattern or suggest one that will maximize the results. Whether it will be agile methodology or waterfall, they will work within a progress delivery system, debugging, and version control mechanisms. You can use these fine-tuned methods further on.

8. Contractual Fidelity/No Scam

What might be an issue working with a freelancer is hardly a problem with an outsourced agency. We’re talking trust issues here, legal agreements, ethics, and complaint management. As part of a corporate culture, a good outsourced development company will observe deadlines, be honest, and accurate with your product.

9. Tech Infusion/Industrial Intelligence

Your in-house team will be dedicated to your app 100%. Of course, there will be some market and competition research done, but will that be enough? Where does it put your team in terms of their time relevance and are they keeping their eyes on the ball the entire time? Maybe, but guess who has to do that on a daily basis. An outsourced development agency. They might have experience working with your direct or past competition, know the pitfalls, and the trends of the industry.

10. Tendering/Accolades

Like you would screen candidates for a movie, you can throw a project idea out there and see what the companies have to offer. Some are typically better with Android app development outsourcing, others leverage iOS development outsourcing better, so you can let them convince you with either impressive portfolios, vision, and perspective.

11. Tools & Licences Freedom/Homesteading

Outsourced development companies take care of their own supplies, equipment, paid tools, and licenses. You won’t have to buy a Photoshop license for them and watch it so the expiration date won’t catch off guard like you would for your in-house team. This lowers the outsource app development cost significantly.

12. Continuous Growth/Augmentation

Your mobile app’s launch is only the beginning of its journey. Right away, you will have tons of data heading your way and you will most likely require someone to handle that. If we are talking maintenance and the 2.0 version of the application, who is familiar with it best? Of course, the same experienced developers that have to build it.

13. Complete Service/Laboratory

A beautiful thing about outsourcing app development is that all you need to start is the idea. We can take it from there and roll out a finished polished app, ready to go live on the App Store. The benefits of having your app build in one environment are obvious: the app is consistent, flowing, and clicking the right way due to the coherent code.

14. Total Control/Being At The Helm

Stuff happens in life and there can be surprises. What do you do with your in-house team once you have to stall your app, slow things down, or postpone it indefinitely? Fire them, and then gather together again? Might happen that all your horses and all your men couldn’t do that. In case you are outsourcing your app development, there are no such worries. You have your product secure on the shelf until you are ready to go again.

15. Keep The World Together/Karma

Today we are going through a tough period in history. We did not instigate the tension, we did not want it either. But we can solve it. The power of the personal bonds that people and communities establish between one another can withstand a lot of ridiculous innuendos and fake news. Let’s keep the world together by trusting each other’s virtues, not the third-party agendas. There might be borders on the map, but there’s no need to have them in our mind.

Shakuro is a web and mobile design/development company with 10+ years of experience as an outsourced digital production unit for various startups and enterprises. We believe in what we do and we focus on productivity and performance. All BS aside, this list of 15 reasons can be shrunken down to just a couple. All you need to know is we’ll go to all lengths to stand to any of them.

The opinions and ideas expressed in this article are those of its author(s) and not of Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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