#Forzathon October 27-30th: “We’re Counting On You” features Mercedes-Benz

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After the past couple #Forzathons featuring Porsche, it’s time for Mercedes-Benz to shine in the spotlight as the weekly Forza Horizon 3 vehicle reward. The #Forzathon October 27-30th event features the Mercedes-Benz 300 Sel 6.3 as a possible reward with two of the four challenges requiring you drive a Mercedes-Benz to complete them.

This #Forzathon event starts on October 27th at 12:01 a.m. PT and closes at 11:59 pm PT on October 30th so you have until the wee hours of October 31st (depending on your time zone) in order to complete the challenges in this extended #Forzathon. Don’t forget to check back for the one day October 31st “Horizon Halloween” event as well.

Check out the complete task list and rewards below:

  • Waiting for Delivery: Win a Championship in a Cult Classic to receive 85,000 CR
  • Another Round: Complete 3 Playground Games to win 3 Wheelspins
  • Don’t Let Us Down: Get 3 Stars on the Mountain Top Danger Sign in a Mercedes-Benz to win the Mercedes-Benz 300 Sel 6.3
  • Working Hard: Perform 20 Drift Skills in a Mercedes-Benz to earn 35,000 XP

Par for the course, a pretty easy #Forzathon all around. You can get started by hopping into a Cult Classic and completing 2 out of 3 races for a custom Championship and then complete the last race when the #Forzathon goes live for an easy credit reward. Head online for the three Playground Games, being sure to select Games Only as the criteria for online play. Finally, hopping into a Mercedes Benz and drifting up and down the road as you head towards the Mountain Top Danger Sign for that three star jump is easy enough as well.

What do you think about the “We’re Counting on You” #Forzathon event and the vehicle up for grabs? Are you still playing Forza Horizon 3 or have you moved on to Forza Motorsport 7? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.


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