FIIL introduces sub $100USD “high-performance” DRIIFTER headphones

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We’ve said this before, and we’ll repeat it, the headphone market is competitive. Now, FIIL is adding a new choice to the sub $100USD range market. The FIIL DRIIFTER headphones are “high-performance” and priced to sell. The company is positioning itself as a headphone company for artists and creatives. The design of these headphones is undoubtedly nice looking, and the company promises equally nice sound.

DRIIFTER is ideal for those who demand a complete headphone but are tired of the status-quo and over-marketed brands. Like all FIIL headphones, DRIIFTER is an audio powerhouse committed to producing premium wireless sound. Its oversized micro-dynamic 16-ohm drivers provide extended bass response, so you can both hear and feel your music. Neodymium driver magnets deliver quick response, creating vocals that soar along with the highs and mids. And to ensure accurate audio reproduction at any volume, DRIIFTER has volume-dependent EQs paired with a proprietary digital signal processing algorithm. This means DRIIFTER packs a massive amount of technology to ensure accurate, exceptional audio output in a $99 in-ear headphone. Absolutely no detail or nuance was overlooked when crafting the large, powerful sound stage.

The $99USD DRIIFTER headphones.

When you don’t want to disappear into your music, DRIIFTER also keeps you connected. With advanced features, such as multi-device pairing, crystal-clear wireless voice call technology, extended Bluetooth range, and full-function controls for your phones, DRIIFTER takes wireless calling further. And to make it easy to wear all day, DRIIFTER’s KINETIIC™ tangle-free necklace with magnetic clasp keeps the headphones out of your way, and the start-stop feature lets you easily disconnect and reconnect by simply clasping the earbuds together.

“The art of making a great headphone always starts with a purpose to create an exceptional audio experience in the most comfortable and purposeful way,” said Marcus Sanchez, marketing director, FIIL. “The DRIIFTER is exactly what you would look for in a headphone that can be used all day in every way; whether creating, working, traveling or being active, it can be your go to headphone all day.”

FIIL also promises 11-hours battery life even at full volume, although I’m not sure why you would listen to anything at full volume for very long. FIIL DRIIFTER is available now for $99USD at select iconic fashion and electronics retailers nationwide, such as BluWire, Circuit City, Crutchfield, Fry’s Electronics, HiDEF Lifestyles, Huppin’s/OneCall, Saks Fifth Ave, and online at or

Last Updated on June 17, 2022.


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