Streaming services helping Americans listen to more music

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Music listeners have a variety of different ways to enjoy music, with a growing ability to personalize music styles and playlists. Not surprisingly, average listeners are now using multiple devices, helping boost overall consumption time.

Nielsen also offered some more information about listening habits of US listeners.

“Nearly three-quarters of those who stream music in the U.S. create online playlists — some are for themselves, and some they share with others. More than half of all music listeners create playlists, and 32% share their lists with others, up from 24% in 2016.”

The US streaming music market is the largest in the world, driven by Spotify‘s 38 percent subscriber base. The average US music listener enjoys 35.7 hours, using 3.4 devices — and streaming subscribers listen to 39.1 hours, using 4.8 devices – per week.

Let’s take a quick global view of the streaming market — streaming shot up from 76.8 million music subscribers in 2015, totaling 132.6 million by the end of 2016, according to the MIDiA Research group. Here is a bit more information:

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A closer look at the global streaming music market

I enjoy the flexibility of streaming music across mobile devices, but the music industry needs to be greatly restructured. There must be some type of compromise between record labels and music sellers — and streaming services — so fans can legally enjoy music from their favorite musicians.

However, there is obviously a poor prospect of that happening anytime in the near future, so we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Speaking of frayed relationships with music streamers, Taylor Swift’s upcoming Reputation album won’t be available for streaming services for one week after the upcoming November 10 launch date. Of course, she’s always been rather fussy about streaming music, though many high profile artists share the same mindset. Who honestly knows what will happen in 2018 and beyond…

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