iHome adds hub-less home sensors and outdoor smart plug to its smart home lineup


There are more smart home devices today than ever before, all aimed at making our lives easier through automation. While many of these devices require a hub of some sort, there are some that are hub-free which allow for easier setup and placement. iHome has just announced three new battery-powered Wi-Fi connected smart home sensors, as well as a new outdoor smart plug.

“We’ve moved into the next generation of smart home. The first phase was about control. This next wave of products goes beyond control and into environmental triggering. A truly smart home can now communicate potential costly hazards and vulnerabilities to the homeowner and offer both alerts and the ability to act without manual intervention. Our new wireless smart home sensors and SmartPlugs are hub-less and designed for easy set-up, and make it affordable for people to add smart home monitoring and smart home control to any home, condo or apartment,” said Gary Schultz, Director of Business and Product Development at iHome.

The new iHome Control line includes:

  • iSB01 – Motion Sensor (MSRP: $29.99): Alerts homeowners to movement within their home. Users are immediately notified via push notifications on their smartphone or tablet when motion is sensed. Small footprint design allows for discreet sensor placement, can be conveniently mounted in corners of walls, placed on shelves and furniture with no wires or plugs to connect. Set triggers with SmartPlugs (sold separately) to turn on lights, fans or other connected appliances when motion is sensed.
  • iSB02 – Dual Leak Sensor (MSRP: $29.99): Immediately alerts homeowners to water leaks within the home, thereby helping to avoid expensive water damage and repairs. With an internal leak detector and a six-foot extension probe, the iSB02 is like having two leak detectors in one. It can be conveniently placed under sinks, near washing machines, toilets, hot water heaters, doorways and more. Sensor will immediately notify users remotely via a push notification on their smartphone or tablet and locally through its integrated 90dB alarm if leak is detected.
  • iSB04 – Door/Window Sensor (MSRP: $29.99): Alerts homeowners when doors or windows are opened or closed. Can be used to monitor critical entry points within the home, such as front door, basement, garage doors, side doors and more. When door or window opens, users are immediately notified via a push notification on their smartphone or tablet. Sensor also includes a 90dB alarm that sounds when a window, door, or medicine cabinet is opened when the home is armed. Allows for discreet sensor placement and mounting on doors and windows set triggers with SmartPlugs (sold separately) to turn on lights when doors are opened.
  • The iSP100 Outdoor SmartPlug (MSRP: $39.99) extends iHome’s award-winning line of smart home plug solutions and was purposefully designed to withstand the elements and control outdoor lighting, decorations, small appliances, up to 1800-watts. The iSP100 includes Apple HomeKit technology, providing an easy and secure way to control, set schedules for and automate on/off functionality of whatever is plugged into it. The iSP100, like all other iHome SmartPlugs, works with the broadest range of leading smart home platforms, including Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Nest and Wink and also supports voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
The new iHome smart home hub-free home sensor lineup.

The new smart home sensors work in conjunction with iHome’s SmartPlug products and can be set up to turn SmartPlugs on or off if a window or door is opened or closed, motion is detected, or a leak occurs. Doing so can automatically switch on a light, fan, pump, or other appliances while warning those in the area with an onboard buzzer. Push notifications can also be configured to be sent on alerts, allowing homeowners quicker notice that something may be amiss.

The smart home sensors are powered by AA batteries and feature ultra-low power circuitry and are designed to last up to six months between battery changes. The new iHome smart home products are now available direct from www.ihome.com, and at select retailers including Amazon, Apple Online Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Aicool smart trash can is also equipped with motion sensor and long-time rechargeable battery.”

What do you think of iHome’s new smart home sensors and smart plug? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on December 26, 2019.


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