Outcry Extreme review: Decent, affordable sound with an average looking design

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TA-ratings-90When the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme arrived on my step to review, I got a kick out of the “wicked” and edgy graffiti style box art. Read on for our Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme review to see if this portable Bluetooth Speaker lives up to its name.


The Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme has the following features and specifications:

  • Dual Drivers: Twin 45 mm
  • Bluetooth Version: 2.1
  • Bluetooth Range: 32 ft / 10 m
  • Battery: 4000mAh Lithium-ion
  • Battery Life: 7-8 Hours
  • Charge Time: 4-5 Hours
  • Aux Power Cord: 3ft/1m

What’s in the box

  • Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme Bluetooth Speaker
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • AUX Cable
  • User Guide
What’s in the box…


Given the edgy, fun, graffiti-styled packaging, you’d think the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme Bluetooth Speaker would have a design that stands out as well. Unfortunately, as far as Bluetooth speakers go, the Outcry Extreme has a pretty normal and safe design. The speaker is rectangular in shape with rounded ends. The top and bottom are manufactured from black plastic, while the grille which wraps around the entire rest of the speaker is made from metal.

Gotta give some props for the package design!

Centered on the top of the speaker is the circular control pad which features the play/pause/call button in the middle with volume up, down, forward, and back buttons on a second ring around it. When pressing the center button or the outer ring, the action makes a clicking sound and has a bit of wiggle to it. Embossed into the left side of the top is the Wicked Audio logo while the Outcry Extreme logo is embossed into the right side.

The controls are located on the top of the speaker.

The front of the speaker has the Wicked Audio nameplate extruding from the rest of the metal grille. While it does look pretty cool in certain lighting which casts shadows, for the most part it was a subtle effect. Just above this is a hidden LED light behind the grille which changes colour depending on what message the speaker is trying to convey. Turn the speaker around and you’ll not only find the 3.5mm audio port and a Micro-USB charging port, but also an on/off switch centered between the two. To be honest, I’m trying to recall the last portable Bluetooth speaker I saw that had an actual power switch.

A 3.5mm audio port, Micro-USB port, and on/off switch reside on the back of the speaker.

It’s definitely a functional design that works, but with a name like Wicked Audio and Outcry Extreme, you’d almost expect something a little more edgy looking but perhaps they’ve kept that for the audio itself.

Ease of Use

As we’ve come to expect out of Bluetooth speakers these days, the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme is as easy to use as almost any other Bluetooth speaker. Turn the switch to the on position, and the LED will flash blue until you pair it with your smartphone. Once paired, the LED light turns solid blue and a voice saying “DING” indicates you’re connected. The controls work as expected and allow you to adjust volume, skip or play/pause tracks, as well as answer or hang up phone calls. When you are at max or minimum volume, the same voice makes a “DOOP” sound.

To re-pair the speaker to another device, simply hold down the center button until you hear a “RAWR” prompt and you’re ready to pair the speaker.


Seeing as the design wasn’t exactly “extreme” or “wicked,” I was hoping we’d hear it in the sound. According to the Wicked Audio website, the Outcry Extreme is going to give you “Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.” In reality, the speaker is fairly balanced but tends to favour the mids and highs. While the bass is more noticeable than other small sized portable speakers, there was definitely nothing “earth shattering” about it. If your phone is equipped with one, the sound can be adjusted by using an equalizer which will even out the balance and give you a more solid bass line.

A definite plus that the Outcry Extreme has going for it is that it actually has independent audio controls. What this means is you can adjust the volume on the speaker without adjusting the actual volume on your smartphone or whatever device you’re streaming from. This allows you to not only get more sound out of it, but also allows you to fine tune the volume even more. Fortunately, when both your phone volume and the Outcry Extreme volume are at maximum volume, it is pretty loud but still crisp and clear. Without an equalizer enabled, the speaker keeps up just fine but if you’re cranking the bass with the equalizer, it can start to distort in some songs.

Reception/Call Quality

Reception is pretty average here, getting you the minimal 30 feet or so before the speaker starts to lose connection. It can also be used to answer calls and, as expected due to the nature of the microphones in most Bluetooth speakers, the closer you are to the speaker, the easier it is for the other party to hear you.

Battery Life

With portable Bluetooth speakers this size, battery life is all over the map. While some get upwards of 16 hours, others get much less. The Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme falls somewhat in the middle and during our tests got just under 8 hours of battery life when listened to at 50-75% volume. Unfortunately, the battery also takes just under 5 hours to recharge so you’re best off leaving this to recharge overnight after you’ve used it for most of the day. While charging, the LED is red. Once fully charged it turns green.


The Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme is priced at $54.99USD which is definitely on the lower affordable side of the price range for Bluetooth speakers this size. Considering the simpler design, battery life, and sound quality, this speaker is reasonably priced for what you get.


A decent, affordable Bluetooth speaker, the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme has crisp, clear audio and decent bass with a bit of extra equalization.

*We were sent a sample of the Wicked Audio Outcry Extreme for the purposes of this review.

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