Here’s one reason why a video doorbell is a must have gadget for 2017

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Recently, lifestyle editor Suzy Strutner over at HuffPost asked me and other tech writers. What is the one piece of tech you need to make your life better? My answer, a video doorbell. More specifically I recommended the Ring video doorbell because we’ve reviewed it, twice. Using a video doorbell is becoming more popular and they’re super handy to have to monitor your home from afar. Here’s a great reason why a video doorbell is a must have gadget for 2017. Take the case of Trevor Salmon who was able to catch a package thief because of his doorbell.

Many of these doorbells have motion sensors that will alert you when there is motion near it. This was the case for Salmon. He was notified and he opened his app to find someone taking his goods. Since Salmon had the option of cloud recording, he was able to share the video on Facebook which helped others identify the thief.

Many times, just the knowledge that there is a video doorbell installed is enough to keep would-be thieves and baddies off your property. Should they decide to go through with their intentions, you should have some evidence to give to authorities.

It is important to note that many of these doorbells require a cloud subscription to save video, at least Ring does. You do not need a subscription to monitor on your smartphone or answer rings. There may be other doorbells that offer local storage if you’re not keen on paying a monthly cloud storage fee.

The Ring doorbell isn’t the only offering out there either. There are many other offerings you can find on Amazon, though we’ve not reviewed anything other than Ring. Check out the short list below.

As we mentioned, we have only reviewed Ring and we like the products they offer very much. A new feature in the Ring app is neighborhood sharing, this allows you to share videos between other Ring owners in your neighborhood. A handy tool if you want the experience to be more social and sort of like a neighborhood watch.

You should research your potential purchase before committing though. Not all of these doorbells will offer the same specs and features so figure out your needs before committing. If you’re looking for a gadget to gift this Christmas, a video doorbell is a great option.

Do you own a video doorbell? How do you feel about your purchase? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.


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