FH3 #Forzathon December 22-28th: “Horizon Holiday Special”

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First off, Happy Holidays from everyone here at Techaeris! We’re back with this week’s Forza Horizon 3 #Forzathon event, and this week Playground Games has a “Horizon Holiday Special.” The FH3 #Forzathon December 22-28th event gives you a chance to pick up a couple of vehicles as well as the standard selection of credits and Wheelspins.

This FH3 #Forzathon event started today, December 22nd, at 12:01 a.m. PT and closes at 11:59 pm PT on December 28th so you have until the wee hours of December 29th (depending on your time zone) in order to complete the challenges.

Check out the complete task list and rewards below:

  • Candy Cane Lane: Complete a Race in a Class A car to win the Jaguar XJ220 HE
  • Naughty or Nice: Perform 10 Wrecking Ball or Clean Start Skills in a Class B car to receive 55,000 CR
  • Checking it Twice: Win a Race in a Class C car to win the Porsche 911 Turbo S
  • Sleigh Bells: Create and complete a Bucket List Challenge that ENDS in Yarra Valley to win 3 Wheelspins

It looks like Playground Games and Turn 10 is spreading things out across the classes this week, with challenges for A, B, and C class cars. Still, nothing overly difficult. Completing and winning races are easy enough to snag your Jaguar XJ22o HE (Horizon Edition) and the Porsche 911 Turbo S. To get the Wrecking Ball skills, head over to a heavily (breakable) treed area and smash into them, fences, and other items in quick succession. Alternately, you can opt for the Clean Start skills (a start with no collisions) instead but that’ll definitely take longer. However, if you complete and win your race before doing “Naughty or Nice,” you should be down two required skills needed for that one. Finally, head over to Yarra Valley and create a Bucket List Challenge that ends there and play it once in order for “Sleigh Bells” and your Wheelspins to trigger.

What do you think about the “Horizon Holiday Special” FH3 #Forzathon event and the vehicles up for grabs? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on December 29, 2017.


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