Sleep Number and the NFL partner to spotlight the importance of sleep


The Super Bowl is nearly upon us and ad partnerships are forming, hopefully, to bring you great Super Bowl commercials! One such partnership was announced by Sleep Number. Sleep Number and the NFL will be spotlighting the importance of sleep in an NFL players life. The company says this is a multi-year partnership and is aimed at improving player performance by maximizing the benefits of a great night of sleep. On a Sleep Number bed of course! The company will be working with teams and trainers to integrate sleep insights into their training programs.

“We are constantly assessing world-class technologies and partners and know this unprecedented partnership will provide players the ability to improve their performance through individualized, smarter sleep,” said Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner. “We’re offering Sleep Number’s revolutionary technology to maximize the body’s most basic need for renewal – sleep – to improve the well-being of our players and coaches.”

As part of their joint commitment to improve sleep for the entire NFL, the two organizations will:

  • Offer all active NFL players Sleep Number 360 smart beds – because what you sleep on directly impacts sleep quality and performance.
  • Work with players, teams, and trainers to integrate sleep insights into their training.

“We’re excited to make a difference for these world-class athletes as they benefit from our SleepIQ technology and the effortless adjustability of our beds. And we are thrilled to be entering a long-term partnership with a performance-based organization like the NFL,” said Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number president and chief executive officer. “Our partnership builds on the deep relationship we’ve established with the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, who understand the connection between sleep, training and performance.”

Maybe your team didn’t make the Super Bowl this year, maybe they will next year after they’ve gotten multiple nights of good sleep?

What do you think of this partnership between the NFL and Sleep Number? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.


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