Treblab Z2 headphones review: Great value, great sound


TA-ratings-87What sets one pair of headphones apart from another? The first thing you’ll notice about a set of headphones is the styling. Are the headphones bold, modern, classic, subdued, or a combination of styles? Next, there is the sound, probably the most important factor. Are the headphones bass heavy, neutral, or light on bass? Finally, there are the features on a set of headphones. Do they have Bluetooth, noise cancellation, long battery life or other must-have features? The Treblab Z2 headphones bill themselves as having two times greater sound, two times longer battery life and two times more “life-enhancing features.” Join us as we put the Treblab Z2 headphones through their paces to see how well they live up to these claims.


  • Bluetooth: 4.2 CSR
  • Frequency range: 2.40 – 2.48 GHz
  • Signal range: 38 feet
  • Noise cancelation: Active
  • Battery life: Up to 35 hours
  • Charging time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Phone calls: Built-in mic

What’s In The Box

  • Treblab Z2 headphones
  • Carrying case
  • Aux cable
  • USB/Micro USB charging cable
  • Users manual


The Treblab Z2 headphones have a basic headphone shape, no wild designs to be found here. They are blacked out except for the sliders, which are brushed aluminum, and the logo in white on the outside of the cans. The logo is rather large and looks rather like a bit of modern art. Yet I wish that the logo had been presented in a smaller form and not so bold a color as I do find it rather distracting from the otherwise simple design of the headphones. But that’s not a deal breaker, just personal preference.

There are controls for volume up/next, power/play/pause/phone, and volume down/previous on the right side. There are also inputs for the aux cable, and charger here as well. The left side houses the active noise cancellation functions, on and off, and a mic. The headband is wide and nicely padded with a good range of adjustability. The cans are also nicely padded, and with their swiveling action, they ensure a good fit for most everyone. You can connect to your music source via Bluetooth or by connecting the supplied aux cord.

Treblab Z2
Treblab Z2 headphones.

Ease Of Use

Pairing the Treblab Z2 headphones is a breeze. The first time you use them, press and hold the power button until the headphones announce they are in pairing mode. Next, go to the Bluetooth list on your device and choose the Z2. It’s as easy as that; they connected on the first try, no issues.


Good styling and a long list of features are very nice to have on headphones, but in the end, it boils down to sound. The first thing that I noticed about the Treblab Z2 headphones was that the bass was quite pronounced without being annoying. You could hear the bass, but it wasn’t overly punchy. If you like your bass to shake you to the core, the Z2 headphones won’t do that. But this doesn’t mean that the bass is missing on these headphones. It’s there, and it sounds great, it just doesn’t give you a headache while listening to your favorite tunes.

The treble on the Treblab Z2 headphones is bright and the mids smooth. These headphones definitely sound better with the volume turned up to at least 75%, at lower volumes the music is just too subdued. I would say the Z2 headphones have a sound that is bass heavy, the bass will let you know its there, but it won’t beat you into submission.

The Z2 headphones also have active noise cancellation. I found it necessary to have the ANC on with these headphones. Without the ANC turned on the sound was a bit muddy. Turning on the ANC makes a world of difference to the sound on the Z2 headphones. The foam on the ear cups does a very good job of blocking most unwanted sounds, and turning on the ANC only makes a nominal difference. It doesn’t block all sound; I was still able to hear people talking, I just couldn’t make out what they were saying. This isn’t a bad thing though, when the zombie apocalypse hits, you want to be able to hear the announcement over your town’s emergency warning system.

Reception/Call Quality

I was able to get 60 feet away from the music source with a direct line of sight and never lost reception. I didn’t test the limit of the wireless range due to bad weather outside. Calls on the Treblab Z2 headphones were a mixed bag. When I used the included aux cord to connect to my phone, everything sounded great on both ends of the call. But when I tried to make calls while connected wirelessly, the caller said that I sounded distant. For them to hear me properly I had to raise my voice to a level that would draw a lot of irritated looks had I done so in a public setting. If you plan to use the Z2 headphones for phone calls, make sure you connect the aux cord first.

Battery Life

The claimed battery life on the Treblab Z2 headphones is 30 hours per Treblab’s website. I tested the Z2 headphones from full charge, connected wirelessly, ANC on, the volume set at 50%, and the source never more than two feet away. I was able to get 24 1/2 hours of play time before a voice started to intermittently announce that the battery was getting low. While this may have fallen just a bit short of 30 hours, I still think the Treblab Z2 headphones have an amazing battery life. Your results may vary depending on how you are using them.


The Treblab Z2 headphones have a normal asking price of $249.99USD on their website. Currently, they are being offered for $59.97USD. I think this is an amazing price for a comfortable set of headphones that give you a nice bass sound without the headache that big bass can sometimes deliver.

Wrap Up

I’m not sure if I would say the Treblab Z2 headphones have “life-enhancing” features, or two times greater sound. But they do have great sound, and the battery life is phenomenal. What the Treblab Z2 headphones do have is a nicely rounded out sound with a bass you can hear but won’t shake you to the core. This is a good thing if you like bass but don’t want it pounding too hard in your ears. On the other hand, if you like your bass to shake the earth, then the Z2 headphones may not be for you. The Z2 headphones are also very comfortable, and currently, very affordable. The ANC might not be perfect, but it does the job well enough to block out surrounding sound.

We received a sample of the Treblab Z2 headphones for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on August 14, 2018.


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