Vena vSkin review: An affordable Google Pixel 2 XL case with card slot

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TA-ratings-88If you’re like me and have had a number of smartphones over the years, you no doubt have your favourite case manufacturer. Fortunately, like smartphones — especially Android devices — there are plenty of choices when it comes to smartphone cases. Our Vena vSkin review takes a look at a single-layer TPU smartphone case for the Google Pixel 2 XL which features a card slot for your most used card nearby.


The Vena vSkin case for the Google Pixel 2 XL has the following features and specifications:

  • Ultra slim and barely there Pixel 2 XL slim case protects your phone with minimal bulk.
  • Designed with a hidden credit card slot on the back of the case.
  • Vena vSkin protects phone from unwanted bumps and scratches.
  • Built with CornerGuard Technology, it ensures that all four corners of the case absorb and disperses force from drops.
  • Precise cutouts and great tactile buttons designed to maintain the same great tactile feedback from your phone’s buttons.

What’s in the box

  • Vena vSkin smartphone case
  • Lifetime warranty


The Vena vSkin Pixel 2 XL case with card slot is a single, solid, black TPU smartphone case. The edges are textured for added grip with the front lip coming up and extending past the front of the Pixel 2 XL for added protection when placing the phone face down.

The Vena vSkin smartphone case with card slot.

Along the right side of the case are three button flaps for covering the power button and volume rocker. I do use the word flaps as the bottom of the button covers are slits and separated slightly from the rest of the case. While this doesn’t impact performance at all, it is an area where dust could potentially get into and cause some extra buildup around your phone buttons.

The button covers are more flaps than covers but still work well.

The case is a bit thicker than most and while it doesn’t add much width or height, it does add to the overall thickness of the phone. The reason for this is the inclusion of a single card slot on the back of the case. As a result, the cutouts around the fingerprint scanner are larger than one would expect. The reason for this, of course, is so you can easily slide whatever credit or other card you may have stored in the slot out easier. On the other hand, the cutouts for the camera and flash are nicely fitted around the necessary components. Likewise, the cutout around the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the phone is appropriately sized to not interfere with the charging cable when plugged in.

The cutout around the fingerprint scanner is larger to accommodate the card slot.

The back of the case is deceivingly shiny and I expected it to be slippery but it still has a rough texture to it for easier grip. Overall, the case is pretty comfortable to hold and wraps around the phone for a nice snug fit. However, the pocket for the card slot feels a bit squishy when holding the case on the back of the phone with or without a card inserted. The reason for this is because the card slot is open on the inside, meaning that when you slide your card in, it rests right on the back of your phone. It definitely would have taken a bit more effort on the manufacturing side but I would have liked to see the card slide into the case itself. I’m not sure if this would have made the back of the case more rigid or not, and it’s not a huge dealbreaker but definitely something I noticed, even after extended use.

Even though the back looks glossy, it’s still textured enough for a nice grip.

On that note, it is a case with a card slot and a single card can be inserted and removed fairly easy. When the card is inserted, it slides all the way in and only a roughly dime-sized portion is visible near the fingerprint scanner. The card can be ejected with one hand simply by holding the case and sliding the card down with whatever finger you normally use with the scanner as the bottom of the slot is bevelled to allow the card to slide out. The card is kept in place pretty firmly as well so you shouldn’t have any worries about it sliding out of its own accord, however, you can also only put one card in the slot at once. It’d be nice to be able to put in two so you could at least have your ID and a credit/debit card in there at the same time.

The card can easily be ejected with one finger due to the case design.

There’s not much branding on the case either, a simple debossed Vena logo just above the card slot on the back and another equally simple debossed vSkin wordmark on the side of the case.


The primary purpose of getting a smartphone case, however, is to protect your often pricey investment. The case does feel pretty solid and, as mentioned above, fits snug around the Pixel 2 XL. Even though the card slot back is open to the phone, the sides, bottom, and upper third of the inside of the case are extruded somewhat with a criss-cross pattern for extra absorption.

Inside view of the Vena vSkin smartphone case.

Vena also states that it uses a “CornerGuard Technology” to absorb extra impact on the corners of the phone when its dropped. Again, if you look closely at the corners of the inside of the case, it appears to be slightly hollowed out providing an extra air cushion for those accidental drops. Of course, we’re not in the habit of purposefully dropping our devices but a few bounces on a table, hardwood floor, and concrete seemed to indicate that the case does a nice job of absorbing corner impacts.


The Vena vSkin has an MSRP of $19.99USD as listed on their website. However, it’s currently listed for sale at $9.99. If Amazon is your vendor of choice, the Vena vSkin for the Google Pixel 2 XL is available there for $9.99 as well. If you’re after a case with a credit card slot, it’s pretty much an impulse buy at the current sale price.


The Vena vSkin smartphone case for the Google Pixel 2 XL offers decent protection and a slot for your most needed credit card or ID — all at a very affordable price.

*We were sent a sample of the Vena vSkin smartphone case for the Google Pixel 2 XL for the purposes of this review.

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