Canon shows off their completely bonkers 120MP CMOS sensor


Camera technology obviously gets better each year just as most other consumer tech. It seems like only yesterday that a 1.5MP camera was the greatest thing ever, and then once cameras started showing up on cell phones that was just another crazy revelation. The technology is moving ever forward though, and Canon has taken the wraps off of an incredibly ridiculous 120MP CMOS sensor. You’re going to want to see what this thing can do.

Canon talked a bit about what makes this new sensor — dubbed the 120MXS — tick, and how it’s able to achieve such amazing results:

Ultra-high-resolution is made possible by parallel signal processing, which reads signals at high speed from multiple pixels. All pixel progressive reading of 9.4fps is made possible by 28 digital signal output channels. It is available in RGB or with twice the sensitivity, in monochrome.

PetaPixel also provides some specifics about the type of sensor we’re seeing here:

Physically, the sensor is an APS-H sensor (29.22×20.20mm), which falls between full frame (36×24 mm) and APS-C crop (22.5x15mm)

The image up above is impressive, but you’re really going to want to watch the video where they really show off what the sensor can do.

The level of detail they’re able to achieve even on the tiny inner workings of the pocket watch are astounding. The ability to zoom in and still have such a crisp and clear image is simply incredible. Macro detail like that is amazing, though I think I may be even more impressed with the shots they were able to achieve at the Rugby match. Zooming in on the crowd across the field, they’re able to pick up detail that just ends up being a pixelated mess on the FHD sensor.

There’s no word on when we might see the 120MXS unleashed on the public, though you’ll probably want to start saving your pennies and investing in storage. With a maximum resolution of 13280×9184, those photos and videos are going to be huge.

What do you think about Canon’s 120MP sensor? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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