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We all have a zone. By that I mean, we all have that zen state of mind that we get in at around the hour and a half mark of studying like crazy. When we hit that zen state everything gets a little calmer. Your fingers are typing without you even asking them to, you don’t need the toilet or to get a drink or anything, you don’t feel the need to go outside. It’s just you and your work. You fly through difficult questions like they are absolutely nothing.

This is the state that we all try and get in every time we sit down to do a bit of work. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get into, that state of mind is very elusive and some days you’ll sit down and never get anywhere near it. Though these days are frustrating we have to remember that it’s hard for us to focus. But what is the one thing that seems to help, the one thing that really puts you in that state almost instantly?

That’s right, music! Music is a great way of entering that zone where you’re working extremely hard. But it’s no secret that it really has to be the right music. If you listen to the wrong stuff, you’re probably going to have to buy cheap paper online or use an apa style citation generator! But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Boards of Canada

This name may be a bit alien to you, but after a while, you’ll definitely know it off by heart! Boards of Canada are a duo of musicians that hail from Glasgow in Scotland. They make downtempo dance music. But it’s a strange kind of experimental dance music that doesn’t encourage one to move around, but instead, to listen intently. A lot of their songs use quite hypnotic rhythms and melodies, and though some of their tracks are quite scary, all of them are incredibly beautiful as well.

They have a multitude of albums to choose from as well as early demos that have grown in popularity since they have. They are perfect to listen to when studying, it’s something about the hypnotic quality of the music that really helps you to fall into that efficient state of working. I’ve found many times when I’ve put them on, I work so fast that it amazes me every time. The music is beautiful and interesting but isn’t too distracting if you are focusing on something like writing an essay or working out equations.

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

This is a genre that has definitely grown in quality over the last few years, simply because of the effects it has on studying. A number of Youtube channels have popped up with their own mixes of Jazz or Lounge music samples over a lo-fi beat. It sounds like a bit of a strange combination, but give it a try because it definitely works! The great thing about it is, because it’s so popular at the moment it’s very easy to find mixes to listen to. And when you find one that says ‘…to study to’ you know that you’re looking in the right place, as you can be sure that this music will definitely help you study.


The best music to study to is music that doesn’t draw your attention too much. If you listen to your favorite pop stars’ music when you are trying to get some work done, they are going to distract you too much. And distraction leads to poor work quality. What you need is music that is minimal, this is why ambient music is definitely one of the best suggestions. It can lull you into a serene state where you are able to complete tasks very easily. Again, it’s another type of music that is available from a lot of different Youtube compilations. Get yourself online and look for one that suits you.

Music is great for a number of things, it’s great to dance to, to listen to when you are sad or happy or a bit of both! But those that understand that some music can be the secret to great concentration and focus? They are the ones that are utilizing music in the right way! Let it help you do your work, so put your headphones on! Get some Boards of Canada up and see what a difference it makes to your work ethic.

What kind of music do you like to listen to while studying?

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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