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Every day, we are constantly bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of ads from the moment we power on our devices. With Adlock, you can put a stop to that.

No matter what you do in today’s world, the chances are high that you’re going to be looking at a screen for at least part of your day, whether it’s for work or recreation. Few things are more annoying than when you check out a site to do a bit of research, and you’re instantly bombarded by five different ad banners trying to sell you anything from mattresses to erectile dysfunction pills.

To top it all off, the latest sports car advertisement has just hijacked your speaker, and your office is being filled with the sounds of screeching tires and loud mufflers while you desperately search for the pause button.

It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time to regain control of your screen.

We’re here to introduce the best ad blocker that actually works: Adlock. What makes them unique is their zero-tolerance approach which promises to block every form of ad under the sun. Let’s take a deeper look at what this means for you.

What Can an Ad Blocker Do For You?

There are hundreds of ad blockers on the market, each promising that they are the next best ad blocker. Unfortunately, most of them are mediocre at best and turn out to be just as spammy and ad-ridden as the rest of the internet.

Adlock is different, in that they actually deliver on their promise. Their software is designed to scan both your browser screen as well as your mobile and desktop applications for any banners, pop-ups, or irritating adware. They work proactively to eliminate each ad before it appears on your screen.

Along with this, of course, there come several other notable benefits.

Increase Speed

Ads take up a lot of bandwidth. Banners and videos aren’t designed to be simple and unobtrusive; they’re designed to be loud, colorful, and large. A page full of ads can drastically slow down your browsing and streaming speeds across the board.

One of the things that makes Adlock one of the best ad blockers on the market is how much faster it can make your internet. It runs in the background of your device 24/7, takes up only a little bit of memory and processing power, but performs to the levels of a program that’s much larger.

Protect Your Data and Computer

It would be nice if all ads were innocent banners to show off their product. In today’s malicious world, however, a large majority of the ads lead you to sites that install adware, phishing, and trojan horse programs on your device without your consent.

These programs can sit on your computer for months at a time, collecting and transmitting data about your browsing habits, taking up your memory, and bombarding you with ads out of the blue. In some cases, they might even record your personal credit card or bank information for malicious purposes.

With their zero-tolerance policy, Adlock prevents any and all ads (and especially the malicious ones) from working their way into your device.

Works on Mobile

Last, but not least, one of the things that makes Adlock such a versatile program is that it can run on both Windows and Android devices. They’re still working on releasing a version for iOS and Mac at the current time.

This means that you can secure your computers, tablets, and smartphones, and almost completely rid your internet of ads.

*Opinions expressed in this article are those of its author and do not reflect those of Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on April 28, 2020.


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