Double Dare returning to Nickelodeon this summer with 40 new episodes


If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s and your childhood included a steady diet of Nickelodeon chances are very good you are quite familiar with Double Dare. The show pitted kids — or in some instances entire families — in a match of wits and physical ability. Nickelodeon has announced that Double Dare will return this summer with 40 new episodes. Much of what viewers loved about the original show will return, though there will be a few changes as well.

Most notably, original host Marc Summers will not be returning. He’s had more than enough to keep himself busy over the intervening years, so a return to the world of green slime probably wasn’t quite so appealing. A new host is expected to be announced soon.

What won’t appear to change is the overall format of the show. Teams will start by answering trivia questions, or daring the other team to answer. Trivia questions can lead into physical challenges, where teams are given oftentimes ridiculous tasks in lieu of answering the trivia questions. Points are awarded, and the team with the most points at the end gets a chance to run through the Double Dare Obstacle Course. Prizes are awarded and one team goes home happy, and probably sticky. Really, both teams probably leave sticky, that show was always ready to dump slime or other gross stuff on people. The show had a format that shouldn’t have any problem attracting younger viewers, and the nostalgia factor ought to rope in some older viewers too.

You can check out the brief teaser from Nickelodeon below:

As one of those children that grew up in the 80’s on a steady diet of Nickelodeon, I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with Double Dare. The show was entertaining, and it was always fun to see what kinds of crazy challenges and obstacles would get thrown at the contestants.

What do you think about Nickelodeon bringing back Double Dare? What was your favorite Physical Challenge? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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