Meridio suede Apple Watch watchband review: Yet another eye catching watchband

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TA-ratings-96Earlier this year a company out of Italy asked me to take a look at their Apple Watch watchbands. They sent a couple of samples which really impressed me. Now, I am taking a look at the Meridio suede Apple Watch watchbands. These two Meridio suede bands are the latest watchbands the company has developed. Read on for the full Meridio suede Apple Watch watchband review.


The Meridio suede watchbands have the following features and specifications:

  • 100% suede soft leather with a napped finish
  • High-quality metals for the buckles
  • Straps are produced in compliance with international laws regarding animal protection

What’s In The Box

  • Meridio suede Apple Watch watchband
  • Documentation and information
  • Leather care guide
Meridio suede
100% Italian suede leather


This time around Meridio sent over two different models for consideration. The Blue Combact and the Green Guerilla. Both of these bands are camo inspired in their pattern and much less flamboyant in person. The 100% suede soft leather has a napped finish which will patina over time as you wear and care for it.

The stitching used is high-quality craftsmanship as these watchbands are handmade. Both bands feel super great against the skin and are fairly thick and robust. The buckles are tough and made of high-quality metal and feel like they will stand the test of time. Meridio also offers engraving of initials on these watchbands but be aware there are no returns of engraved bands.

Overall, the design on both of these watchbands is top notch. I’ve used many cheap Apple Watch watchbands and after using Meridio’s bands, there’s just no question how good these bands are.

Meridio suede 2
Great craftsmanship

Ease of Use

Apple Watch watchbands, no matter what brands, are super easy to install. Just hold the buttons on the back of the Apple Watch to slide the old bands off, then slide the new watchbands in place and they will auto lock. It’s that easy. Meridio includes some instructions on caring for your leather watchband. This is something I’d highly recommend you read and follow as it will give you the longest life from your band.

Meridio suede 3
Blue Combact


I’ve used many cheap Amazon purchased Apple Watch watchbands that barely stand up to six months of use. Sure they cost $9USD but they wear out so very fast. The Meridio suede bands are going to last a very long time, especially if cared for.

Not only are they made from very high-quality Italian suede, but they’re also very robust and sturdy. If you follow the directions for care of the leather, these are going to only get better with age.


The Meridio suede watchbands aren’t for everyone. They’re going to set you back $99USD for both the Blue Combact and the Green Guerilla. I know many would rather purchase the cheap Amazon watchbands rather than spend $99USD on something like this. That’s okay.

For those who don’t mind spending a little more for something this good, there’s a ton of value to be had here. I think these bands are competitively priced for their market.

Meridio suede 4
Solid buckles

Wrap Up

The Meridio suede Apple Watch watchbands are just simply amazing Italian suede leather watchbands that will make your Apple Watch look that much better. Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side but they are very much worth the investment. Of the two models sent to us, the Green Guerilla is my favorite.

*We received samples of the Meridio suede Apple Watch watchbands for the purposes of this review.

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