[Infographic] 16 Gmail tips and tricks that could help your workflow

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When most professionals arrive to work, their first instinct is to check email or Gmail. Inboxes can often be weighed down by the plethora of cold sales pitches, marketing emails and unwarranted newsletters that somehow slipped through the spam filters.

One difficult part of managing an unruly inbox is sifting the important emails while properly unsubscribing and discarding the unimportant ones. While tending to email can be a detriment to our productivity, when it is accomplished efficiently your output at work can increase. Implement some of the tips and hacks below to streamline your Gmail efforts and regain your productivity.

Actionable Tips to Streamline Your Inbox

The average person receives 121 emails each day. If you are tired of individually unsubscribing from the newsletters you no longer (or ever) read you can download a chrome extension to manage your subscriptions in bulk. Unroll.me is a great tool that allows you to see all the subscriptions associated with your email address and decide whether to continue receiving these emails or unsubscribe for good.

Another great way to streamline your Gmail processes is to create a filter that can automatically organize or delete any email that meets the parameters you set. For example, if you want to keep any email receipts but do not necessarily need to review each one, you can filter these emails by subject line, keywords, sender, etc. and put them directly into a folder.

If you use your inbox as a pseudo to-do list, using a color-coded label system will allow you to prioritize the tasks. Starring important emails allow you to further push the priority emails to the top of view and top of mind.

If you are aiming for the almighty “inbox zero,” or if you simply want to become more organized, try putting these tips and tricks from our friends at GetVoIP into action to manage your Gmail.

gmail tips to have more productive email
What do you think of these Gmail tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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