SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi review: A nearly perfect mobile Qi charger mount

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TA-ratings-94Now that many smartphones are using wireless charging you might be looking for a wireless car charging dash mount. The SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi is one choice among many and it’s nearly the perfect choice. Read on for the full review of the SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi wireless charging dash mount.


The SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi has the following features and specifications:

  • Qi Certified by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) assures safe, reliable wireless charging and compatibility with Qi-enabled devices.
  • Protects your device with advanced safety features like built-in Foreign Object Detection.
  • Adjustable mount safely secures mobile devices up to 3.5 inches wide to the window/dash via StickGrip™ suction base.
  • 360˚ adjustable design permits unlimited viewing options.
  • Works with Qi-enabled wireless charging smartphones from Apple, Samsung and others and other Qi-enabled devices.

What’s In The Box

  • SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi charger
  • USB power adapter
  • MicroUSB cable
Landscape mode is great for maps apps.


The design of the STUCKUP Qi isn’t unlike any other smartphone dash mount. It has a gooseneck stand, which I found to be a nice stiffness considering many others are too floppy. It also has a large suction cup with stickum on the bottom. The stickum is super sticky and adheres well to the dashboard, I did not test on the windshield but I can say, it’s stuck well to the dash.

The only real difference between a basic dash mount and this is the Qi charger located in the phone mount itself. The mount has two wings and a base that hug your smartphone. The wings spread out far enough to accommodate an iPhone 8 Plus with a case.

There is a button on the back of the phone mount that releases the side wings so you can remove the phone. This allows for one-handed operation and I found that to be super convenient.

Overall, the STUCKUP Qi is a basic design with some nice touches that make it convenient and useful.

Simple design but easy to use.

Ease of Use

The STUCKUP Qi couldn’t be easier to use. The unit comes nearly put together already, just slap the charging pad on the ball end of the gooseneck and tighten. Once you have the unit put together just find a spot on the window or dashboard, peel off the protective paper, stick and push the suction lever back. Done!

To operate it is even easier. Push the button on the back to extend the wings to your desired width, place the phone on the feet and squeeze wings together to clamp phone in. Super simple. To take the phone out, just push the button on the back to release the wings.

You are also able to rotate the mount to landscape or portrait. That’s super nice when using apps like Waze or Google Maps.

Overall, this is a simple device to use and set up. No one should have any issues setting up and using this dash mount.

Sticky foot and suction cup make for a solid grip.


The STUCKUP Qi worked perfectly with the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8+, both with cases on. We did have a few issues with the iPhone 8 plus with a bulkier case on. While it can hold the iPhone 8 Plus, the phone did fall out of the unit a few times. We really had to put a lot of pressure on the wings to hold it in properly. A few times it was not enough. That said, the phone only fell out on hard acceleration. I think most phones will be just fine but it is something to be aware of.

The STUCKUP Qi does wirelessly charge your phone but it is not fast charging. SCOSCHE makes another version of this dash mount that does fast charging which is only $10USD more than this one. The design is a bit different so we can’t comment on that, but if you want fast charging, you might opt for that one.

Overall, this mount performed well for us. It lacks fast charging but that’s not a huge deal for everyone.

Holds the iPhone X perfectly.


The STUCKUP Qi is priced at $49.99USD but you can get it on Amazon (as of this writing) for $39.99USD. The MSRP is a good deal but the better deal is currently on Amazon.

Wrap Up

The SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi is nearly perfect. It has a few small flaws that may not matter to some but may be a big deal to others. Fast charging isn’t included so I’d recommend upgrading to the bigger brother if you want that. Bigger phones may have a tendency to fall out if in bulky cases. But overall, it does a great job of charging phones the size of the iPhone X and it’s super easy to set up and operate.

*We received a sample of the SCOSCHE STUCKUP Qi for the purposes of this review.

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