SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS review: Decent sound, colorful design, menial build quality

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TA-ratings-87I’ve reviewed a ton of headphones in the past few years but none like the SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS wireless. These are the first pair of cans I’ve tested from SCOSCHE and they sound decent. The design is meant to attract attention and will appeal to some but not to all. The build quality isn’t the best but it’s not horrible. Let’s get into this review and see if these are for you. Read on for the full SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS wireless headphone review.


The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS headphones have the following features and specifications:

  • 40mm Drivers
  • Precision Wound Copper Voice Coils
  • Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets
  • Ported Sound Chamber
  • Genuine Leather w/Memory Foam
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, A2DP, HFP & AVRCP
  • 3.5mm Bypass
  • Music Controls
  • Built-In Mic

What’s In The Box

  • SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS
  • AUX cable
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Carabiner
  • Hardshell case
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Documentation and instructions
SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS
SCOSCHE includes a hardshell case and a soft bag, a nice touch.


The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS have a far from subtle design yet they’re not overly flamboyant either. For my taste, they’re a little out there in terms of aesthetics but I’m pretty sure these will appeal to some buyers on the market. The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS are available in two different color schemes: black/yellow and white/black/yellow.

The Rockstar branding is evident with the name emblazoned along the top of the headband. The earcups are bordered in yellow trim as are the earcup controls. The Rockstar branding is also prominently featured on the inner headband along the right side. Both inner earcups also feature the Rockstar logo in yellow and black. There’s little doubt who you’re representing here. Curiously, there seems to be a lack of SCOSCHE branding.

The build quality here isn’t exactly premium. Most everything is made of plastics and they feel less than premium though not completely cheap. The inner headband is made of metal and the earcups are leather but I felt the materials weren’t quality. The use of shiny black plastic misses the mark and gives the headphones a more gaudy appearance than attractive.

SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS
Big props for at least being really comfortable.

The earcups are articulating and are supposed to provide better comfort but they’re also very noisy and clanky, giving them a shake produces a tremendous racket. While these aren’t the worst headphones I’ve used in terms of build quality and materials, they are a little lackluster considering the price tag.

The right earcup houses the buttons to control music including, volume up/down and the multifunction button. The left earcup houses the power button, led status indicator, headphone jack, MicroUSB port, and Bluetooth control.

I will say that the SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS are fairly comfortable. The clamping force is a bit more than normal but didn’t cause discomfort in my use. The padding on the headband is actually good, and I could go for hours with them on. I will give SCOSCHE props for giving you a nice hardshell case as well as a soft bag for your headphones. Many high-end OEM’s don’t include items like that.

Overall, the design of the SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS is not subtle. The build quality could be better considering the price. I felt the materials used were not the best and could have been upgraded. They are comfortable to wear and have a good amount of adjustability.

Ease of Use

The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS over-ear headphones are as easy as any other Bluetooth headphones to use. Once you have them in pairing mode, you just find them in your Bluetooth settings and pair them to your device. From there, you just listen to your music and the earcup controls are pretty straightforward. Overall, no issues in using these headphones at all.

SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS
Playback controls.


The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS are a mixed bag for sound. These really lean heavy towards the bass end, to the point that other frequencies sound muddy and blown out. This is likely just how they are tuned as many people enjoy heavier bass. I like a good bottom end but I also like a balanced soundstage, these do not have that.

Highs and mids are overwhelmed with the bass and when they do come through they’re not smooth. I listened to Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Hilary Duff, LL Cool J, Lecrae, Stryper, AC/DC, and Stevie Ray Vaughn on these… and the bass-oriented music fared much better here. I also listened to podcasts on these and those were pleasant to listen to here. One nice attribute is the lack of distortion at high volumes.

Overall, the sound is decent, it’s not what I prefer but I know many enjoy bass-heavy sound so for those folks, these are going to work great.

SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS
Power and Bluetooth.

Reception/Call Quality

As expected with headphones these days, Bluetooth reception is good and call quality is acceptable.

Battery Life

Battery life is said to be 8-hours and I found that to be just about right. There were times we got over 8-hours and times we got under, it all depends on volume, distance from the source, and other uses. You can use the included AUX cable if your battery dies to keep listening to your music.


The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS are going for $179.99USD which is what I’d consider the low-end of the mid-range headphone market. I think these have value to those who are into a heavy bass mix but not so much for those who like a balanced soundstage. I think they’d be a better value at $149.99USD.

Wrap Up

The SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS are a decent pair of cans, especially for those who like aggressive designs and bass-heavy music. They are pretty comfortable to wear. If you’re into a balanced sound then these aren’t for you. If you’re into a subtle design with high-quality materials then these aren’t for you. However, I am positive there are users out there that will fully enjoy the sound and design and they should be happy with these.

*We received a sample of the SCOSCHE Rockstar RH1060RS headphones.

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