[Infographic] Knowledge commerce: Tech that lets you be an infopreneur


Guest Post was written by Sean Mortberg, an aspiring tech writer.

Last year, 71% of freelancers found more work than the previous year and nearly half of millennials did some form of freelance work to get by, adding $1.4 trillion to the economy. With the internet and social media at our fingertips, almost anybody can build a brand and a following if they have something unique to offer viewers that could otherwise cost lots of money and time to learn. The ability to learn and teach anything, anywhere, and anytime is the backbone of not just the gig economy, but knowledge commerce.

Knowledge commerce happens when you sell your expertise through enrollment and ad revenue to students hungry to learn the skills you possess. Knowledge merchants, also known as infopreneurs, have been around for some time, but the traditional job market can be both unappealing and not enough to make ends meet for some. The intrinsic value alone of sharing knowledge of anything from computer programming and mining cryptocurrency to playing an instrument and gourmet cooking gives knowledge merchants innumerable rewards. With the right branding, SEO optimization, and social media prowess, the extrinsic value can skyrocket quickly.

The market for e-Learning, MOOCs, and knowledge commerce is expected to continue growing in the age of global interconnectivity. By 2022, it is expected to reach a global value of $241 billion as it reaches across international borders and socio-economic levels.

To become a knowledge merchant, first you have to pinpoint what you’re an expert in, no matter how private or ‘hobbyist’ you think it is. Then, you develop a lesson plan, marketing strategy, and a consistent aesthetic for all your social pages, YouTube channel, and blog posts. Finally, you create merchandise and partnerships with larger companies through affiliate marketing.

Learn more about how to become a knowledge merchant with the infographic below, provided by Kajabi.


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