Venom #5 review: He’s got wings!

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Venom is showing off his new wings in the latest issue of his self-titled book. So how did he get those wings? Issue 4 pulled a nice little retcon in the origin of the symbiote suit and now we find out that the suit itself is and was apart of a much bigger whole.

When the suit comes back into contact with that hive presence, it learns things about itself that it had forgotten, like it can create itself wings. It can also pull in other symbiotes within itself to become all the more powerful. Eddie, of course, is stunned by these turn of events. While he is one with the symbiote suit hearing two symbiotes speaking through him throws him off. 


The story by Donny Cates keeps the reader involved and wanting more. This is the Venom we all know and love, but at the same time, he’s being updated in a really interesting and invigorating way. Meanwhile, the pencils by Ryan Stegman, inks by JP Mayer, and colors from Frank Martin really bring the art in this book to a whole new level of excellence. I’m not going to lie, it has that Spawn-like horror feel to it and it really suits the character. I can’t forget the lettering done by VC’s Clayton Cowles either. Sometimes you have more than one character talking from within Venom and lettering always helps in keeping the voices straight in your head.

Wrap up

As far as the various Venom series go, I have to say that this is my favorite Venom book so far. I really like the dark horror vibe that is going on and I hope that continues into future arcs too. 


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