Primer: Forza Horizon 4 #Forzathon explained

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#Forzathon has changed pretty dramatically in the latest iteration of the game. Each week (on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m. P.T.) brings a season change and a new weekly #Forzathon. In addition to that, there are also daily #Forzathon Challenges and hourly #Forzathon Live Challenges. Prizes like cars and credits are no longer handed out but rather you accumulate #Forzathon Points which you can then redeem for vehicles, Wheelspins, and Clothing. Enough #Forzathon for you?

NOTE: you can only access Forza Horizon 4‘s #Forzathon events AFTER you have completed the prologue and made it on the Horizon Roster (at which point you should be Level 20 or above).

Maximizing #Forzathon Points

To maximize your #Forzathon Points, you’ll want to purchase the Lake Lodge house as soon as you can. Sure it’ll set you back 5,000,000 credits but if you’re a VIP member, you’ll get it for free. Once purchased, you’ll double all the FP you get from the weekly, daily, and hourly challenges.

On that note, the FP mentioned below is listed without the Lake Lodge bonuses. If you do own it, you can double the listed amounts. However, when awarded the game will only tell you that you earned the non-doubled portion. If you check your FP though, you should see the extra FP as well.

Lake Lodge will double your #Forzathon Point earnings.

To check the current #Forzathon Challenges, click on the current season #Forzathon tab when you first get into the game. If you’re in the open world, you can also access the current #Forzathon Challenges from the Horizon Life tab in the main menu. We’ll still be posting the weekly #Forzathon Challenges for Forza Horizon 4 (as well as Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3) here at Techaeris with tips on how to complete them.

Weekly #Forzathon

Weekly #Forzathons are still here in Forza Horizon 4. While they still consist of four challenges, instead of a car, Credits, Wheelspins, or XP (in this case Influence), you get 100 FP for completing the weekly challenges. As mentioned above, the challenges switch up every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. P.T. when the season changes.

The nice thing about the Weekly Challenges is that they are listed in the game not only for the current week but for the next two upcoming Weekly Challenges as well.

Weekly #Forzathon Challenges appear in game two weeks in advance.

Daily #Forzathon

The Daily #Forzathon Challenges are a bit of a misnomer as they actually last for three days each. This is because each day one Challenge drops off and a new one is added. There are three active Daily Challenges in total and these Challenges are usually pretty easy. So far, they have consisted of completing a set number of a specific skill, usually one, two, or three. You’ll earn 10 FP for each one completed.

#Forzathon Live

This is where #Forzathon gets a little nutty in Forza Horizon 4. Five minutes before the top of the hour, you’ll see a message that indicates #Forzathon Live is about to begin. Press X to set your route and race to the destination. You can also fast travel to save time if you wish. 

Once there, you’ll see other gamers gathered around as well. #Forzathon Live is a cumulative effort between everyone who participates. There are three Challenges that rotate between Speed Traps, Speed Zones, Skill areas, and Drift Zones. Each Challenge has a set goal. For example, Speed Traps might task the group to get a combined speed of 10,000 km/h to proceed to the next Challenge. Drift Zones, on the other hand, might task the group to get 2,000,000 Drift Points before moving on.

The catch is that you only have 15 minutes to complete all three components. For each Challenge the group completes, you’ll be awarded 10 FP for a maximum of 30.

Bonus FP

You can also earn Bonus FP by completing 7 Daily Challenges and the Weekly Challenge. Once done, you’ll earn an extra 30 FP.

#Forzathon Shop

Now that you have a bunch of saved #Forzathon Points, you can spend them in the #Forzathon Shop. So far, the shop has consisted of an FE car for 300 FP, a regular vehicle for 200 FP, as well as a clothing item and a horn. You can also purchase a Wheelspin for 10 FP or a Super Wheelspin for 150 FP if you have points to spare.

The #Forzathon Shop lets you redeem your hard earned #Forzathon Points for cars, gear, and wheelspins.

Turn 10 recently added Monthly #Forzathon Challenges to Forza Motorsport 7 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that make it’s way to Forza Horizon 4 at some point. I mean, there can never be too much #Forzathon can there?

Hopefully, this guide helps you make sense of it all and get you on your way!

What do you think about the new #Forzathon format for Forza Horizon 4? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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