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These are two of the best Bible apps you can download on your iPhone

NeuBible and Dwell are probably the best looking and minimalist Bible apps you’ll find anywhere.

When it comes to Bible apps, you’re going to find a fair amount of them on the App Store. Of that, I have no doubt but trying to find Bible apps that actually look and function well is another matter. Most of the Bible app designs out there are just plain confusing and filled with ads and offers I hate dealing with. One of the most popular Bible apps on the App Store even uses your email to bombard you with SPAM, something else I detest. Sure, you can opt out once you dig through the app settings to find out how, but it shouldn’t be that way at all.

Enter NeuBible and Dwell. I’ve been using NeuBible for the past year, and I absolutely love how clean this app is. It is so minimalist that it is nearly perfection in an app. NeuBible gives you a few translations for its $4.99USD cost. But, you should be aware that the other translations are in-app purchases. The following are the translations you get with your inital $4.99USD cost.

  • The Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • The English Standard Version
  • The American Standard Version
  • The King James Version
  • The World English Bible
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NeuBible also offers the following versions for an extra one-time cost.

  • The New King James Version $9.99USD
  • The New International Version $9.99USD
  • The Common English Bible $7.99USD
  • The New American Standard Bible $1.99USD

NeuBible is the best distraction-free Bible app I’ve used, and it’s well worth the $4.99USD price. NewBible is available only on iOS. I have asked the developers if they would be coming to Android, and they said they’ve considered it. But, they are a small two-man development team, and it may or may not happen.

Next there’s Dwell. I found Dwell just a few months ago as I was searching for Bible study apps with study plans. I wanted something that I could listen to with headphones rather than just read. But I also wanted something that looked good visually and didn’t bombard me with garbage ads. So far Dwell has been that app for me.

First off, yes, there is a premium subscription offer for Dwell. You can go monthly $2.99USD, yearly $28.99USD, or lifetime $150USD. But, that being said, you can use this app for free. You just won’t get all of the study plans and new features. They do not bombard you to sign up, and the free content is good enough to get you started and then some. I went ahead and signed up for the year membership with 2-months free.

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Before I signed up for the subscription, I used Dwell for a month and found it very useful. Even the free content was great, and having the readings through audio is immensely helpful. I found I would use NeuBible to follow along with the Dwell readings. While you don’t have to pay to get content with Dwell, I have found that the content is far more vast with a subscription. Dwell also supports Siri Shortcuts which is pretty amazing. The real voice readings, soothing music and artwork are also great reasons to get this app.

Both NeuBible and Dwell are Bible apps that the developers really spent some thoughtful time on. I appreciate both their design, minimalism, and attention to the user experience. Hands down, in my opinion, these are the best Bible apps you’ll find for your iPhone.

Dwell is available for iOS now and coming to Android soon.

NeuBible is available for iOS and uncertain for Android.

What Bible app do you use? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and soon to come…MeWe!

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