Free 4K upgrades may be coming to Google Play Movies

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If an APK teardown by Android Police is any indication, Google might be offering free 4K movie upgrades to users. That would be fantastic considering Apple has done that in the past to some movies on iTunes for users.

Google started adding in 4K content back in 2016 but there was never an option letting you upgrade your current movies whether the format was SD or HD. Even now, all you can do is purchase the 4K version if you don’t already have the movie you’re looking to purchase.

The few strings of code AP found that caught their attention was:

<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_header”>%1$d of your movies just got a free upgrade to 4K</string>

<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_description”>Enjoy this higher quality on any supported 4K device</string>

There’s a bit more code but unfortunately, it’s unclear as to which movies are getting this ability or if all movies in SD/HD will be upgradeable. Even if the standard definition version isn’t able to upgrade to 4K, at least HD would be nice. There hasn’t been any word as to when this will start rolling out to everyone but at least there’s some sort of high hopes for anyone who wants free upgrades to their movies. This may have taken two years, but hey, it’s better than Google never allowing people to get upgrades to 4K content.

Recently I’ve started purchasing all my movies in 4K in the Play Store, so it’s not like this will benefit me for all of my movies but there are some movies that I’m hoping could be upgraded from HD to 4K. Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out what Google does.

What do you guys think about Google possibly giving out free upgrades to 4K movies? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on GooglePlusTwitter, or Facebook

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