The 6 best tech gifts for your dog this holiday season


People traditionally buy gifts for family members during the holiday season. But naturally, many want to spoil their canine companions, as well, to show appreciation for all the camaraderie, love and fun their pets provide. So here are six tech-centric gifts dog owners should consider for furry pals.

1. The GlowLEASH

tech gifts

Many dogs get excited as soon as their owners grab their leashes, signaling it’s time for a walk. The GlowLEASH features both LED lights and reflective stitching, and they help a pet stay maximally visible while out and about. Also, the leash is over four feet long, making it perfect for dogs that prefer to wander ahead to explore.

A replaceable battery makes the glowing technology possible. Plus, users can look forward to long battery life equaling up to 80 hours of continuous use. The leash comes in several choices, helping it suit a dog’s style and the owner’s preferences.

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2. The PupPod Wobbler Toy


If dogs don’t stay occupied, they often get into trouble, much to their owners’dismay. The PupPod WobblerToy makes that consequence less likely. It’s specially weighted to stay upright even when a dog pushes the toy with a paw or nose. The constant motion keeps dogs feeling curious. Plus, they have to figure out the exact place to touch a toy to activate the PupPod’s lights and sounds.

By doing that, they solve puzzles that get progressively harder. The PupPod also works with a complementing app that lets the owner know when a dog is successful, cueing the person to give the canine a treat.

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3. The Furbo Dog Camera

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Pet parents understandably feel anxious when leaving their dogs at home. They don’t want the pups to feel lonely and worry about something going wrong, such as a dog getting upset by loud roadwork in near the house. Fortunately, the Furbo Dog Camera takes care of much of the anxiety by letting people see, hear and talk to their pets while away from home.

Owners can even have Furbo toss treats to the animals automatically, giving them something to feel excited about in their owner’s absence. Being able to view, communicate with and even reward pets from a distance should make the separation anxiety less severe for both pets and humans.

There’s also a new Furbo Dog Nanny service available as a 90-day trial with the Furbo Dog Camera. It gives alerts about a dog’s activity and sends notifications if a person arrives in the room with the pet.

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4. The GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine


Energetic dogs seem never to tire when it comes to racing after just-thrown balls. Unfortunately, the same isn’t necessarily true for the muscles in their owners’arms, and this product could help. The automatic ball thrower has a timer function that lets a person determine how often the machine tosses the balls. There is also a remote, allowing owners to relax in the backyard and operate the launcher from afar.

Although the G4 comes with three balls, it works with others of various sizes and brands. Owners can also specify how far the machine throws the ball, and rest assured it only moves in an arc away from the dog.

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5. The PetSafe Drinkwell Seascape Pet Fountain


Adequate hydration is essential for a dog’s good health, particularly since it supports kidney function. However, it’s not hard to imagine why a dog might not want to drink water that’s been sitting out all day or longer.

This pet watering fountain provides 70 ounces of fresh water through a cascading system. It’s made for indoor use and features a constant and soothing flow of water, offering an experience similar to drinking from a stream. The dual, carbon-activated filtration system also filters out debris that could make the water less appetizing.

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6. The LINK AKC Smart Collar


Many gadgets on the market track a pet’s location, but this collar does even more than that. The LINK AKC SmartCollaralerts owners if dogs move outside designated zones and informs them if the dog’s environment might be too hot or cold. The collar tracks activity levels, too. Owners can set activity goals based on the dog’s breed, size and age.

Since the collar can also store pet health records, there’s no need to spend time looking for paperwork before taking Fido in for a checkup. The app associated with the accessory even gives medical-related reminders, too. A remote-operated LED light on the collar is also handy for nighttime walks, in addition to being a good match for the light-up leash.

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You will surely delight dogs with these purposeful presents! Pet owners will quickly learn how to win the affection of the household’s animals. Humans will love giving these fun presents to their dogs just as much as their pups love playing with them. Stay tuned for our human tech gift guides coming soon!!

What do you think of these canine tech gifts for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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