Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1 review: Carnage is back with this one shot issue

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Cletus Kasady is a bad man. One might say, Cletus is hell incarnate. He’s died several times but the offspring symbiote of Venom, who we all know as Carnage, has kept saving him. Now we find out that there is a cult who worships Carnage. This cult has the body of Cletus and they intend to bring Carnage back.

The new twist on the symbiote mythology is that every person a symbiote has merged with has been left with a codex or a portion of itself within that person’s DNA. Now Carnage has been informed that he can get more powerful if he rejoins this codex that is in each person’s DNA, with his own.

webofvenomcarnage born

From past events where the Venom symbiote has basically taken over every character in the Marvel universe, it should tell you just how much hunting Carnage is going to have to do. Needless to say, this could be a really interesting new development in the mythology thanks to this one shot book.

Writer Donny Cates has already made the Venom series into a must-read horror book and now with this Carnage one shot, he has evolved the mythology in an even more interesting way. Carnage has none of the empathy for innocence that Venom has due to Cletus Kasady being a homicidal lunatic as his host.

Carnage will kill just for the fun of it, and now he has a mission, so the body count could be quite high incoming stories. The art by Danilo Beyruth captures the horror and hell of what Carnage is with every panel, so the art fits this story perfectly. My only nitpick, I kind of wish it was more than just a one shot.

Wrap Up

I definitely want to see where Carnage goes from here and hopefully the Venom series will deal with this new resurrection and threat that has been loosed on the world. Let the carnage begin!!!

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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