Infographic: Stats and facts on smart homes


Smart homes are on the rise as the age of convenience and technology grows. What exactly is a smart home? A smart home is one in which you can monitor, control and track various appliances from the convenience of your smartphone or device. Each appliance is connected to your home internet and are able to communicate with each other via your device or even your computer.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of a smart home, here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing one:

  • You have total control of your home, even when you aren’t there.
  • Smart homes decrease your household expenses.
  • Smart homes are energy saving which benefits you and the environment.
  • It is easily accessible to anyone.
  • Smart homes add safety and security to your life.

Smart home products and appliances will be much easier to find in stores as the years go on. It is predicted that our future will look something like The Jetsons cartoon series, with almost everything being digital. Currently, the most used smart appliances are locks and alarms, fans and thermostats, smart trash can, lighting and carbon monoxide detectors.

All of these appliances are easily controlled both in and out of the home with the simple touch of a button (or swipe of a screen). Some of the leaders in the smart product market are Samsung, not surprisingly, which have products in over 104 countries. Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Schneider Electric are other names to look out for in the smart home industry.

Save yourself time and money by turning your home into a smart home. 68% of Americans think that in 10 years time, the smart home concept will be as popular as smart phones are today, and 81% of home buyers say that they would rather buy a smart home with smart products already installed.

If you still aren’t sure what smart homes are all about, check out the infographic below from Safe At Last. It has some more interesting info to help you better understand the impact of smart homes.

Stats and facts on smart homes

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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