Hyundai’s smart fingerprint technology will show up on the 2019 Santa Fe


Smart TVs, smart appliances, smart everything it seems — so why not a smart fingerprint? That is exactly what Hyundai is thinking as they set out to bring smart fingerprint technology to their vehicles. The company announced its new smart fingerprint technology last week, which will show up on the 2019 Santa Fe SUV. This new technology allows drivers to unlock and start their Hyundai vehicle without using their keys and is the world’s first smart fingerprint technology used in vehicles.

A fingerprint sensor located near the door handle is where drivers will be able to unlock their vehicle. Hyundai says the fingerprint data will be encrypted and the sensor will communicate with a controller inside the vehicle. The ignition button also has a fingerprint sensor which allows the driver to start the vehicle. Hyundai has also made the experience customizable to each unique user fingerprint. This means once you scan your fingerprint, the car will know who you are and adjust seats, radio, and infotainment settings to that user preference.

“In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to further expand the application of the technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preferences,” said Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research & Development Division of the Hyundai Motor Company. “This will ultimately offer quality driving experience to each and every Hyundai customer.”

Hyundai also addressed the security issues on the smart fingerprint technology. With capacitance recognition, which detects differentials in the electricity level in various parts of the fingertip, the fingerprint technology efficiently prevents forgeries and faked fingerprints. The technology’s chance of misrecognizing another person’s fingerprint as the drivers is only 1 in 50,000 making it five times more effective than conventional vehicle keys, including smart keys. Moreover, through real-time learning of fingerprints supported by ‘dynamic update’ system, the fingerprint system can continually improve its success rate.

smart fingerprint

Once you scan your fingerprint, the car will know who you are and adjust seats, radio, and infotainment settings to that user preference.

Hyundai’s new smart fingerprint technology will be released in select markets and eventually expand out as the company sees fit. The company is also seeking to expand on other “customizable technologies” to gain a foothold in the mobility market.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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