[CES 2019] Garmin and Verizon partner up to announce the Vivoactive 3 Music LTE smartwatch

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LTE on smartwatches is nothing new considering Samsung and Apple (among others) use LTE bands in their smartwatches. Now you can add Garmin to the list because they’re going to add in LTE to their Vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch that was released last year thanks to teaming up with Verizon Wireless.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music – connected by Verizon is definitely a handful to say. On that note, with there being LTE in the smartwatch, you’ll get some nice features such as a fall detection if you’re walking, running, or cycling, that’ll send out a real-time location SOS message to pre-loaded emergency contacts. Sure, Apple has this feature already but it’s nice to see another company integrate it into their tech.

You’ll also be able to download and play music from Deezer and Spotify (at a later date) at any time of the day. Another plus side to this smartwatch is Garmin’s claim that the battery life will get you up to five days while running on LTE, however, you can only expect up to four hours while using GPS mode, listening to music, and LTE being turned on. Not much of a battery during the day, so expect to bring the charger with if you have those settings turned on.

As far as design goes, it looks very similar to the non-LTE Vivoactive 3 Music. Garmin hasn’t announced any pricing yet or availability yet but should be out at some point in Q1. The non-LTE version is US$300, so with there being cellular connectivity in the newer model, you can guess the price would be higher.

What do you readers think about an LTE version of Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch? What do you think about a four hour regular use battery life on a smartwatch? Let us know in the comments below or on TwitterFacebook, or MeWe.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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