Infographic: Pet technology can give your pal a better life


Over the course of 2017, pet owners spent a record $70 billion on food, treats, medical care, and everything in between for their fuzzy, feathered, and scaly friends. The emotional bond we share with our pets is as unconditional as it is enduring, and while pet technology can never replace this experience, it can certainly enhance it.

When we break down our daily schedule, it seems that we barely have even enough time for ourselves. Americans spend around eight hours per weekday at the office with our pets anxiously awaiting our return. Once we make it home though, chores and other housework call our attention. Averaging out just four and a half hours for other responsibilities and personal time, our pets actually may see us less than we realize.

Time-saving technology and pet technology, in particular, are making this necessary separation both easier to manage and less stressful. Gadgets like the Furbo Dog Camera digitally link us to our furry friends at home, enabling remote communication and monitoring via two-way cameras. Pets with separation anxiety, more likely in rescues, and their people benefit from the peace of mind of a quick check-in.

But it’s not only feelings of worry that encourage our ascent into the world of pet technology; there is plenty of fun to be had. Nearly 80% of millennials and baby boomers alike think of their pets as family members, probably one of the only thing these generations can agree on.

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What results is a culture of bonded pets and humans and shared experiences such as we’ve never seen before. For the outdoor-loving dog is the GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher, an automatic ball throwing device appealing to many dogs’ favorite pastime. For homebody pups preferring to stay indoors, the CleverPet Dog Gaming console is one of the most unique pieces of pet technology, offering innovative entertainment for your dog while also keeping him off your Xbox.

Most of us would do anything for our pets, and while we can’t put a price tag on our unconditional love, we can still give them the very best things in life. Ready to treat your cat or spoil your pup? There’s life-enhancing pet tech in this infographic for every kind of pet.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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