[MWC 2019] Maybe not everyone should make a foldable phone: Meet the Energizer Power Max 8100S

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Ladies and gentlemen, the foldable phone is officially the new buzz device of 2019. Meet the Energizer Power Max 8100S, a foldable phone that maybe shouldn’t have been made. I know, maybe I am being very unfair here considering no one at MWC 2019 was allowed to touch the device.

The Energizer Power Max 8100S was encased behind glass with no one getting the opportunity to use the foldable phone. But upon first inspection, it looks terrible. From the hinge, which looks like the binding of a Trapper Keeper, to the back panel, which looks like shiny wrapping paper. Maybe not everyone should be attempting a foldable phone?

The 8100S comes with a dual-lens 48MP/12MP rear camera and a front camera with a 24MP sensor. There are no cameras on, what we are assuming is, the inside. The battery is actually impressive, given that this is Energizer, sitting at 10,000mAh. Even the performance hardware inside is respectable. It sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. The specs are all respectable, it’s just that the design is hard to get past.

Energizer Power Max 8100S
Images courtesy: Tech Radar

“Curiously we weren’t shown a glimpse of the larger foldable screen on the new device – only the main screen and rear of the device were visible. The 6-inch 18:9 main screen had no notch, with the camera sitting inside the top bezel, but the display we saw was likely a sticker (judging by other phones Energizer had on display) so we can’t really tell the quality of it, although we’re told it’s a 8.1-inch 4:3 Full HD foldable display.”

Tech Radar
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Reports are that since Samsung and Huawei take priority in the supply chain for foldable displays, Energizer did not have a complete device here. Still, even if they did have an interior screen to show off, I am not convinced about this particular design.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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