Amarey announces its new A900 robot vacuum


A robot vacuum can actually be a handy tool. From my experience, they aren’t always the best at doing a deep clean but for general maintaining, a robot vacuum is pretty great. The problem with most robot vacuums is that they’re costly. Amarey seems to be one brand that has a handle on that. Their A800 costs US$199.99 which is cheaper than some other name brand vacuums.

Now, the company has announced its new Amarey A900 which has a slim 2.9″ low-profile design which should be great for getting under couches and other furniture. The vacuum comes with what Amarey calls “Visual SLAM” technology and can be controlled via a smartphone app. You can also integrate your Google Assistant or Alexa giving the ability of voice control.

“Visual SLAM” technology gives the A900 the ability to map the environment via the camera that is equipped with a 145° wide angle lens. So the robot can keep track of where it is and what it has cleaned and what it needs to clean.

The A900 also comes with what the company calls “Detective Sensors.” These sensors basically keep the robot from falling down the stairs, bumping into furniture, and help it with edge cleaning along walls. The robot vacuum can last up to 120-minutes with normal suction on a tile floor. For more suction and carpeting, the robot can last up to 90-minutes.

Robot vacuums may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those looking for one, the Amarey A900 doesn’t look all that bad. Pricing has yet to be announced but the A900 will be available on Amazon at the end of March. The A800 is still currently available but doesn’t have all the same features as the A900.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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