The ROCCAT Vulcan series mechanical keyboards have an amazing look and design


When creating the ROCCAT Vulcan series the company said they had three things in mind: cutting down response time, precision and killer looks. Featuring the brand’s first-ever in-house designed switches – the Titan Switch Tactile – the Vulcan boasts a 1.8mm actuation point (compared to the standard 2.0mm) for 20 percent shorter debouncing rates making it lightning fast.

The ROCCAT Vulcan series also comes with some internal tweaks which resulted in a switch that is the middle ground between the two most popular types of keys. The company says this makes it “perfect” for basically anything you can use a keyboard for.

The switches not only lend functional advantages to the keyboard, as the only switch capped at the top, but it also offers a peek of its inner mechanism and lets the brand’s proprietary RGB lighting system (AIMO) shine through for truly unique light shows. On the outside, the Vulcan is also a force to be reckoned with. Sleek, brushed aluminum plating encapsulates the outside which creates a sharp contrast with the black keycaps and rubber media keys.

ROOCAT Vulcan series
The ROCCAT Vulcan series.

Here’s a quick features and specifications list for the ROCCAT Vulcan series including pricing from ROCCAT:

  • First keyboard to feature ROCCAT’s proprietary Titan Switch Tactile
  • Fitted with dirt resistant and spill-proof switches
  • New ultra-light switches reduce actuation point from 2 mm to 1.8 mm and firmware reduced bouncing rate by 20 percent for industry-leading response time
  • Lower profile keys allow for faster typing
  • Contains 512 KB onboard memory, ARM Cortex-M0 based microcontroller, up to 1000Hx polling rate and Easy-Shift Technology
  • Vulcan 80: $129.99/Available at
    • Features black anodized aluminum, single blue illumination, and two media keys
  • Vulcan 100: $149.99/Available at
    • Comes with grey anodized aluminum, RGB AIMO illumination and professional grade media controls
  • Vulcan 120: $159.99/Only Available on
    • Equipped with grey anodized aluminum plating, RGB AIMO lighting, professional grade controls and a magnetic detachable wrist rest.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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